GCSN NFL Game of the Week

GCSN NFL Game of the Week

For Lamar Jackson to beat the Houston Texans run defense this week, he will have to be Lamar Jackson. Currently ranked #3 in the league at 84.1 Rushing YDS/G, Houston has proven to have a strong run defense. As a result, Jackson will have to use his magical ability to create plays.

However, it is important to note that Houston struggles against the pass. Currently they’re ranked #29 at 277.3 Passing YDS/G, so it is very possible that Jackson could use his arm and possibly attain yet another perfect passer rating.

Deshaun Watson, however, is no ordinary QB either. He might have more TD’s and yards than Jackson, but that isn’t what’s impressive. What sticks out for me is that he has a 70.2 Completion %, aligned with 8.1 YDS/Attempt. That is Drew Brees esque. He is poised to become one of the NFL’s leading QB’s, and Jackson is putting up MVP type numbers as well.

Either way, today’s match-up between two young star QB’s is easily one of the most enticing games we will have this year. So who do you think will come out with the win? Below is a list of some of our NFL Analysts Predictions for today’s game:

Bryan Beggs: Baltimore 38-17 Houston

Austin Wilson: Baltimore 28-24 Houston

Shane Kunz: Baltimore 30-17 Houston

Kyle Miller: Baltimore 33-24 Houston

Featured Image Credit: Kyle Hernandez/Game Changer Sports Network

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