GCSN NEPL D4 5-Man Team Power Rankings

GCSN NEPL D4 5-Man Team Power Rankings

The season is officially underway with the first event now in the rearview. There are seven teams eligible to be rated. Throw together last minute teams do not count towards this (Chubby Yeti Militia, for instance, yet we are looking at you).

The GCSN power rankings are not solely based on the record and your place in the rankings. We also take into account how the team overall looked.

7) Veteran Militia

They didn’t look good at all. A very rough first outing. The Militia couldn’t seem to get out of their own way.

6) Xtreme Green

Another team that just couldn’t put together a good day. Spots 6 and 7 were really a toss-up. Both teams have a lot of work to do moving into event 2.

5) New England Knights

The strongest team that didn’t make the playoffs. Had they made the playoffs, I feel like they could have been a surprise tournament winner.

4) Manchester Half Cock’D

The day began hot and heavy for Manchester as they tore through the field in prelims. They seemed to have fallen off a cliff toward the end of the day though.

3) Dude Crew

There’s a lot to like from this event. They could have easily grabbed the Tournament win. They had the second place finish after losing in the finals.

2) Annihilation

By far the strongest team heading into the playoffs. They took a first-round playoff exit but hopes are high for the season. This team looks serious going into event 2.

1) Northern Storm

A rough day at the start, but as soon as they knocked off some rust, they threw down and won the entire tournament. The team worked hard to secure the victory.

Photos By: Daniel DePalmer and Aaron Perry of Game Changer Sports Network

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