GCSN Mock Draft 2.0

GCSN Mock Draft 2.0

GCSN Mock Drafts are back! 3 writers have given their opinion on how the first round of the draft will play out. Keep an eye out for a trade prediction too…

#1 Overall Pick: Arizona Cardinals select Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Pretty easy to explain here. Kliff Kingsbury has been looking to trade Josh Rosen since he took over for Steve Wilks. Murray is reported to be his obvious favorite and they’ll likely pass on talents like Bosa and Williams for Kyler Murray at this spot. Murray will give the franchise a new face.

#2 Overall Pick: San Francisco 49ers select Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

With the Cardinals taking Kyler Murray, the 49ers get a generational talent and, at least until very recently, a presumed top pick in Nick Bosa. After the free agent acquisition of LB Kwon Alexander and a trade (and subsequent contract) for Kansas City edge rusher Dee Ford, the addition of Bosa will make San Francisco one of the NFC’s most dominant defenses.

#3 Overall Pick: New York Jets select Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky

The Jets have made some fantastic moves this season on both offense and defense, signing players like RB Le’Veon Bell and LB’s C.J. Mosley and Avery Williamson. The defense still needs some improving and why not bolster the pass rush even further? Outside of Nick Bosa, who had just been selected the pick before, Josh Allen is the most dominant defensive player in this draft and should thrive alongside Leonard Williams on that front seven.

#4 Overall Pick: Oakland Raiders select Montez Sweat, DE, Mississippi State

It’s a matter of best available for the Raiders. They need help pretty much everywhere, but a replacement for Khalil Mack (if there is such a thing) has to be top of the list. Sweat’s pass rushing ability combined with his 4.41 40-yard time will make him a nightmare and instant star as the team moves to Vegas.

#5 Overall Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Devin White, LB, LSU

The Buccaneers defense was one of the worst in the league last year. They were injury riddled and just lacked star talent outside of DT Gerald McCoy. With the loss of LB Kwon Alexander, there is a gaping hole in need of attention in the middle of that defense. Devin White seemed like the obvious selection here as I believe by far he’s the best inside linebacker in this class and gives Tampa Bay exactly what they need.

#6 Overall Pick: New York Giants select Clelin Ferrell, EDGE, Clemson

I want it to be known that I disagree with my own pick. All logic points to the Giants needing to draft Dwayne Haskins with their pick, but they have made it clear they intend to go after the best overall player available. This means the Giants are ignoring the entire planet when it comes to drafting a quarterback. They are so committed to Eli Manning that they are willing to pass up a quarterback of the future which is unfortunate. Ferrell will make a huge impact on defense with a team that struggles in almost all aspects, but most would agree that they should use this pick for a quarterback. God, I hope I am wrong about this pick…

#7 Overall Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars select Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama

With the signing of free agent Nick Foles the Jaguars need to make sure they can protect their quarterback of the future. Jonah Williams is an elite lineman who should be an immediate starter for an O-line that was less than stellar last season. There are a number of options the Jaguars could go with this first pick, but the consensus is that offensive line is the best place to start.

#8 Overall Pick: Detroit trades down to give Cincinnati Bengals the pick for pick #11 and a 3rd round pick – Bengals select Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

The Bengals will be quick to jump on the Giants mistake by picking up Haskins as the replacement to Andy Dalton. Dalton is an average quarterback who has some flashes of elite playmaking ability, but it’s clearly never been enough to catapult the team to playoff success. If the Giants had selected Haskins with their 6th overall pick then the Bengals would have drafted another position, but Haskins is too good to pass up and Dalton isn’t getting any younger.

#9 Overall Pick: Buffalo Bills select Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

This seemed like an obvious selection for me. Sure the Bills have a ton of needs to fill. A top-notch defensive tackle I think take priority over all of them. Ed Oliver, although slipping down draft boards a little bit coming into 2019, is still as great as ever and I think the best guy in this class at the defensive tackle position. He will give Buffalo a lot to be excited for coming off of the retirement of career-long Buffalo Bill Kyle Williams.

#10 Overall Pick: Denver Broncos select T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

John Elway might take another quarterback to compete with Joe Flacco, but we think he’s starting to learn his lesson and will build for the future first. Hockenson had a stellar combine and his draft stock continues to rise, and Denver’s most pressing need on offense is a dual-threat tight end. Joe Flacco loved his tight ends in Baltimore and rookie sensation Phillip Lindsay will appreciate another blocker to have the way.

#11 Overall Pick: Detroit Lions (from Cincinnati): Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

After signing former Patriots DE Trey Flowers to a monster contract, the Lions have filled the biggest hole on their defense. Up next is a starting corner to pair with Darius Slay, who Detroit would still pick at #8 anyway. The Lions trade down, get the guy they wanted, and pick up an extra pick along the way. Pretty good draft day for a struggling franchise if you ask me.

#12 Overall Pick: Green Bay Packers select Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan

The Packers have to realistically consider what a future without Aaron Rodgers looks like, considering he was knocked out for most of 2017 and visibly injured for the entire 2018 season. Green Bay without a healthy Rodgers wasn’t very good, and it’s largely due to no real pass rush. The departure of Clay Matthews compounds the problem, which is why the best available edge rusher is the logical choice. Gary should fit the bill and he won’t even have to adjust to the frigid Green Bay weather.

#13 Overall Pick: Miami Dolphins select Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

Initially, I was thinking of going QB at this spot with Drew Lock still available, but next year’s class looks much more friendly and Miami may as well try to prepare for their future QB with this draft. What better way to get set up than drafting a line to protect your eventual franchise quarterback? An edge rusher was definitely in the conversation with the departure of Cameron Wake, but I felt that offensive tackles were at more of a premium than pass rushers were at this spot.

#14 Overall Pick: Atlanta Falcons select Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

Pretty straightforward with this selection. The Falcons were just injury-riddled last season and didn’t lose a ton in the offseason. Williams seemed to fill a spot where Atlanta has been thin as of recent years. Williams should prove to be a nice addition to the Atlanta defense and if the injury bug doesn’t bite a second year in a row, they should compete with the New Orleans Saints for the division.

#15 Overall Pick: Washington Redskins select Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

The unfortunate end to Alex Smith’s season was an eye-opener to the Redskins that they chose to sign a veteran quarterback. With that comes the risk of more serious injuries. Washington will look to correct this by drafting Drew Lock. Lock is aggressive and has a big arm which will be a nice change for the Redskins who have used quarterbacks over the recent years who tend to throw short passes and keep things simple. Lock will take chances and if he ends up behind Smith on the depth chart it will be great for him to shadow Smith for a season or two until the Redskins are ready to commit to him. Unfortunately, I foresee almost the exact same situation as Kansas City for Smith. If he somehow comes back from his injury in time to play, which is unlikely, he would be lucky to finish the season without Lock taking over.

#16 Overall Pick: Carolina Panthers select Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State

I was genuinely lost about where to go with this selection for a good minute. When I saw that Brian Burns had fallen to this spot, I was happy to pull the trigger. There was a couple different places that would have easily filled a need, but I still saw them to be a reach. Burns seemed like good value at the halfway point in the first round and will give them a good place to start with Thomas Davis being released by the team early in the offseason.

#17 Overall Pick (from Cleveland): New York Giants select DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia

Remember earlier when I said that the Giants were still all-in on Manning? Well, they dig themselves even deeper into that by choosing to select another defensive player. After losing Landon Collins in the offseason the Giants will look to find a replacement who can (and will) start immediately. Baker will be a great addition to the secondary because it could not get much worse than it already is. Baker will be a hot commodity in the first round and a slew of teams will be looking to take him, but I imagine the Giants will use their first couple picks to help their defense while round 2 and on may focus on offense.

#18 Overall Pick: Minnesota Vikings select Andre Dillard, OT, Kansas State

The first year of the Kirk Cousins experience in Minnesota wasn’t very promising, especially after their success in 2017. A large portion of that is due to a sub-par offensive line, which was the only real weak point on the Vikings roster. Andre Dillard is a steal at #18, and will give Cousins plenty of time to make the throws that matter, which is vital in a hyper-competitive NFC North.

#19 Overall Pick: Tennessee Titans select Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma

The Titans met a lot of needs during the free agency period. So much so they narrowed down what they could do in the first round of this draft, making it even harder for mock drafts to predict where they go and why. I went interior on the offensive line with Cody Ford. They have a nice tackle in Taylor Lewan, it’ll be good for ford to be paired up with him and hopefully give Marcus Mariota a little more time and save him from yet another injury.

#20 Overall Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers select Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

Pittsburgh’s biggest issue this past season (minus the AB and Le’Veon drama) was their inability to hold opposing receivers on the field. They take the first right step in correcting this by taking Murphy who will provide a fast body capable of shadowing elite receivers. While his tackling needs work you can expect Murphy make an immediate impact. It’ll be interesting to see him matchup against receivers like DeAndre Hopkins and OBJ in his second season when he’s developed more.

#21 Overall Pick: Seattle Seahawks select Garrett Bradbury, OL, NC State

The Seahawks new offense is a ground-and-pound juggernaut, led by a threesome of talented running backs and a top-10 quarterback to bail them out if the running games stalls. In both cases, an upgrade to the interior of the offensive line is a must. Bradbury is the best available but look for Seattle to potentially trade down.

#22 Overall Pick: Baltimore Ravens select DK Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

One of the biggest issues the Ravens had last season was their inadequate receiving corps. While all of the guys there were decent there were no elite players who could help Lamar Jackson when he took over the starting job. Jackson is a great runner but needs all the help he can get throwing the ball. Metcalf is a big-bodied receiver with good hands and should help cover some of the worrisome areas in Jackson’s throwing game. Metcalf will be an immediate red zone threat for Baltimore.

#23 Overall Pick: Houston Texans select Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State

The Texans would have preferred Jawaan Taylor, Cody Ford, or Andre Dillard, but the chances of the first two falling to the 23rd pick are small. Dillard being picked up by Minnesota was a little surprising so Texans opt for the next best thing. It would be ridiculous for the Texans to choose a cornerback with their first pick due to the number of sacks Deshaun Watson took last season. Risner isn’t the elite lineman due to his footwork, his pass protection is next level. He should start in game one for the Texans at left tackle.

#24 Overall Pick (from Chicago): Oakland Raiders select Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

Again, it’s a case of best available for the Raiders. After taking care of their edge rushing needs, Oakland can solidify a linebacker corps that already contains Brandon Marshall and Vontaze Burfict. Adding Bush would lock down the front seven and allow the Raiders to build around the secondary in later rounds.

#25 Overall Pick: Philadelphia Eagles select Jonathan Abram, S, Mississippi State

For a team that took a bit of a dive compared to their Superbowl winning season before the Eagles are a relatively well-rounded team. Their acquisition of Jordan Howard and DeSean Jackson will help the offense and Abram will be a nice addition to the secondary, which is where the Eagles struggled last season. He’s a tough defender who commits to every play and will be very helpful when defending against the run.

#26 Overall Pick: Indianapolis Colts select Jeffery Simmons, DT, Mississippi State

The Colts went into free agency with a great amount of cap space, but surprisingly they used hardly any of it signing players like edge rusher Justin Houston, Devin Funchess and Chester Rodgers on sheep one to two year deals. I think Simmons will get the Colts exactly what they need, a solid backfield disrupter who can really change the tide in a game when needed. If developed properly, he should prove to a good piece in the Colts defensive puzzle.

#27 Overall Pick Oakland Raiders select Joshua Jacobs, HB, Alabama

The Raiders, with their three picks, can go a lot of places in a lot of different directions. They had previously selected DE Montez Sweat and LB Devin Bush. I figured it was time to address the offense, and RB is a super thin spot in this draft. Josh Jacobs was the best of the bunch and will give the Raiders a nice reliable back that could turn into something big in a couple of years.

#28 Overall Pick: Los Angeles Chargers select Christian Wilkins, DL, Clemson

How Wilkins fell this far into the first round is beyond me. He’s an elite lineman and is a lot quicker than a player would usually be at his size. Like the Eagles, the Chargers were a well-rounded team last season with no giant holes. He’ll need to get better when it comes to on-field IQ and reacting to run plays, but once he gets that down Wilkins will easily be one of the league’s best defensive lineman. Look for Chargers to improve their defense, even more, this season with the addition of Wilkins.

#29 Overall Pick: Kansas City Chiefs select Amani Oruwairye, CB, Penn State

There were plenty of players on the table for this selection. Edge rushers, especially after their defensive captain Justin Houston and Dee Ford, were traded or left early on in the offseason. I do think though that if they don’t trade up, they’ll remain patient on the pass rush and will fix up their secondary by taking Oruwairye who shows tremendous man coverage ability and the ability to keep up with the best college football had to offer.

#30 Overall Pick (from New Orleans): Green Bay Packers select Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama

The Packers took a steep dive last season with inconsistent play. Rodgers and company were forced to play catch up a lot due to the mediocre defense of Green Bay. Thompson may not start right away as he has shown that he cannot yet matchup against elite teams, but his aggression on the field will be a big plus for the Packers. Once he develops more into his role Thompson has the potential to be one of the league’s top 5 safeties. He cannot do it alone and will need Green Bay to make other investments in their secondary during the draft.

#31 Overall Pick: Los Angeles Rams select Chris Lindstrom, C/G, Boston College

Lindstrom’s other opportunity to be taken in the first round was by Houston, but their need for a reliable left tackle pushed Lindstrom back. The decision to take him in the first round comes down to his athleticism as an interior lineman. He’s a good run blocker with speed. He’s a bit small though so I imagine if the Rams draft him they would expect him to bulk up and become a more threatening presence on the field before they throw him into a starting role.

#32 Overall Pick: New England Patriots select Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Had T.J. Hockenson somehow fell to pick 32 I would not have hesitated. With the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, TE is definitely a pressing need in New England and they’ll need to take the best available. I don’t think Fant is as good as Hockenson, but it certainly isn’t a bad selection at all. He should provide New England with everything needed to hopefully put a bandaid over the hole at TE spot while Fant gets time to grow, but I could easily see them taking an edge rusher or even a defensive tackle like Jerry Tillery out of Notre Dame at this spot.

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