GCSN Indy Spotlight: One-on-One with Rok-C

GCSN Indy Spotlight: One-on-One with Rok-C

Welcome to another GCSN Indy Spotlight, where we sit down one-on-one with some of the best Professional Wrestlers on the independent circuit! This time, I sat down for a Q&A with the current Renegades Wrestling Revolution’s Vixens Champion – “The Prodigy” Rok-C!

Give us a little background on you:  Where are you from?  Describe your character and in-ring style!

My name is Rok-C and I am 18 years old. I became a wrestling fan when I was about 8 years old and instantly knew I’d eventually become a professional wrestler. I began wrestling pretty young at around 13 years old in Laredo, Texas, which is where I was born and raised, and had my first match at 14.

My character is honestly just myself and a reflection of my true personality. I’m young, love to see the best in everyone, naive at times, love to have fun, but when it has to come down to it, I’ll kick your butt. I’m actually mentored and trained under Daga, so I really love incorporating lucha in my in ring skills. I guess you can say I’m a hybrid of Lucha and American.

I haven’t chosen a name for my finishing move yet, but I’m leaning towards “DDTeen” (Shoutout to Kevin Harvey!). It’s actually Edge’s old finisher the edgecution.


Do you do anything else besides wrestle?

When I was younger, I was actually involved in almost every sport you can think of. I participated in the JV soccer team my freshman year, gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, volleyball, track, dancing. However, I never really had a passion for anything until I began wrestling, which is the main reason I tried so many different things.

Now, I don’t really do much other than wrestle and attend high school since I’m traveling on weekends. I can sing and play piano!

Do you remember your first match? What was it like?

Vaguely. I had my first match in Laredo for LWA in 2016 against a local luchadora. I was so nervous and everything went by so fast. I feel like your first matches are always the scariest. Your nerves are going insane, so you don’t really have time to truly indulge everything that’s going on.

Now, I feel like I’m able to take in everything around me. I’m more comfortable in the ring, and I’m able to feed off the crowds energy; one of the best feelings in the world! The nerves are still there, but I’ve always been told, “If you still get nervous, you still love it.”


Who/What was your biggest inspiration to become a Professional Wrestler?

When I first started watching wrestling, AJ Lee caught my eye immediately. When I was younger, I wasn’t the girliest girl you’d meet. Much more on the tomboy side, which made me feel pretty outcasted in elementary/middle school. I really connected with AJ, because she was different than any other diva you’d see on TV.

She reminded me a lot of myself, so I feel like that really helped me gain more confidence. It made me realize that if someone like her could achieve what she did, I could do the same. Not only did she give me faith in achieving my dream, she helped me allow ME to be myself growing up. I owe a lot of it to her.


Where did you go to train to become a wrestler?

It sounds odd, but I actually started training in warehouses and backyards in Laredo, Texas with George Benavides and Johnny Ángel, Laredo Wrestling Alliance talent. After a while, Daga began making his way down to Laredo to work with us, which I’m so appreciative of. He really helped me in advancing, not only my in-ring skills, but my professionalism skills and everything I need to know to potentially succeed in the business.

Then, I began taking greyhounds to Houston at around 16 years old when I had off time from school, to train at Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling where I gained a lot of help from Gino. I love training, so whatever chance I get to learn new things, I take it.

What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to become a professional wrestler?

I feel like when I first started, my biggest problem was my lack of confidence because of my age. I was often pushed aside or told that I was too young to be something in wrestling, which brought me down for a while, until I realized I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

At 17 years old, I was able to showcase my skills at promotions like RISE, Reality of Wrestling, and Shimmer. So really, my biggest advice would be that it’s never too early or late to pursue your dreams, and never let anyone tell you otherwise.


 What are the future for goals for Rok-C?

My future goals would be to inspire others, progress more as an athlete, and make a bigger name for myself in the wrestling scene. Honestly, I’m just enjoying the journey for now, and it’s only begun.

It’s pretty cool, because I actually had a goal of winning my first championship at the age of 17 and I did just that! Now I’m on a hunt for more, and “youngest Reality of Wrestling Diamonds Champ” has a nice ring to it.

You recently had a match with Kailey Rae, some have called it the biggest and best match of your career! Can you describe the build up and the match itself? What did it mean for you and your future goals?

So, a year prior to my most recent match with Kylie Rae, we had our first match at my home promotion, Laredo Wrestling Alliance. That match was pretty nerve wracking for me because, besides the fact that I was pretty young, she was actually one of the first independent female wrestlers I looked up to.


After that match, Kylie saw something in me that not many people saw. She was one of the first few people that really believed in me and helped me believe in myself.  I guess you can say that was my “coming out” match. After that, things just kinda blew up for me. I wasn’t victorious, but a year later, I get a rematch at New Texas Pro. This was even MORE nerve wracking because I felt like it was a test for myself.

Within that year time frame, I had put in a lot of work. I believed that I could and WOULD accomplish everything I set my mind to regardless of anyone that said I couldn’t because of my age; and I did just that. Defeating Kylie Rae this past December at New Texas Pro was more of a reassurance to myself that I can’t give up.

I can’t stop working hard, because everything I’ve done building up to this match has paid off, and no one can take that away from me.

GCSN would like to thank Rok-C for taking the time to speak to us! Be sure to check out Renegade Wrestling Revolution’s Rise of the Vixens event on February 22nd! Rok-C will compete in a unification bout for The RwR Vixens Championship, where she will take on Raychell Rose and The Insidious One!

You can follow Rok-C on her social media:

FB: @therealrokc
IG: @_rokc
Twitter: @TheRokC_
YouTube: Rok-C

All Photos courtesy of Rok-C’s official Social Media pages 

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