GCSN Indy Spotlight: A One-on-One with Allie Recks

GCSN Indy Spotlight: A One-on-One with Allie Recks

Last week, I got in touch with pro wrestling independent star Allie Recks, who graciously afforded The Game Changer Sports Network an opportunity to do a Q&A!
Check out our back and forth below, and get a chance to get to know the current Kickstart My Heart Wrestling’s – Queen of the North Champion Allie Recks!
Give us a little background on you:  Describe your character and in-ring style. 

“My name is Megan Klecha, I’m 24 years old and I’m a professional wrestler. I wrestle under the ring name Allie Recks hailing from Carteret, NJ. My character in the ring is more so your favorite skater girl. When thinking of a character and what I wanted to portray in the ring I’ve studied a ton of Marilyn Monroe and Harley Quinn. I took a little Avril Lavigne and tied it in with the appearance of Marilyn, with a twist of some Quinn attitude and mannerisms.

My finishing move is a spear; called the Rexecution!”
How long have you been a Professional Wrestler?

“I’ve been a professional wrestler for about 5 years now. I started training at ECPW in Lake Hiawatha, NJ in June of 2014, under Gino Caruso-and it just kinda took off from there. There hasn’t been a moment since that I’ve stopped thinking about wrestling.”



Do you do anything else besides wrestle?

“Aside from wrestling I do have a daytime job during the week at my gym in which I work in the child care area of the gym. Not only do I get to work with kids every weekend but every week, during the week in the kids zone. Before moving to Florida I was also a softball coach, and former cheerleading coach.”

Do you remember your first match? What was it like? 

“How could I ever forget. My first match was in July of 2015. I trained three days a week for a year before actually making my in-ring debut in front of a live crowd. I made my debut in White Haven, PA wrestling against NJ’s Debbie Kane. The match was very simple and to the point, and for my first match, I think it went pretty well. I was extremely nervous and had no idea what to expect but by the time we tied up, it felt natural. I knew this was it and where I belonged.”



Who/What was your biggest inspiration to become a Professional Wrestler? 

“I’ve had a ton of inspiration along the route of becoming a professional wrestler. But I must say that one specific person definitely made that decision for me growing up. Rey Mysterio was the biggest inspiration for me wanting to step foot in the ring. I’ve always loved his high flying, fast paced, lucha style maneuvers. He quickly caught my attention as a kid flying all over the ring.

It wasn’t only his move sets that caught my eye but his character. Rey was always considered an underdog in wrestling. Being only 5’4, 110 lbs myself- I related to him. My entire life I was always doubted and never taken seriously because of my size. I played softball for 14 years and the entire infield would take steps forward when I stepped up to the plate. However-It never once made me feel small.

Nothing was more satisfying then the look on their faces when I would pull the unexpected. And it goes for the same with wrestling. Nobody ever expects the tiny blonde girl to do the things she can and that’s what I love the most. I love to surprise people.”


Who’s your dream opponent? 

“Wow, this question can go on forever. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a handful of people that were on my bucket list within the last two years of my career. But my dream opponent right now would be to be able to step in the ring with Trish Stratus. I’ve studied her a ton; and our styles are very similar in the ring. I think we could put on one hell of a match.”



What’s the biggest piece of advice you’d give to someone who wants to become a professional wrestler? 

“The biggest piece of advice I would give someone who wants to become a professional wrestler is respect. Respect goes a long way. Especially because others before us paved the way for us to be where we are today in this business. Especially the females. With the women’s revolution going on, many women went through hell and back to get the respect we have as females today. Always give back, because wrestling never stops giving.”


What are the future for goals for Allie Recks?

“My future goals are what every aspiring professional wrestlers goals are- to make it to TV. To have a contract and be able to be Allie Recks all day, everyday.

There’s nothing I want more.”


When’s your next match? Where do you usually wrestle?

“My next match is set up for January 3rd in Brick, NJ for Stand Alone Wrestling. You could also catch me in Minnesota defending my championship for Kickstart My Heart Wrestling, and Ladies Night Out in Houston, TX.

You can also catch me in many other states throughout the US. I’ve even had the opportunity to wrestling In Canada last year for Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling.”

GCSN thanks Allie Recks for taking the time to speak with us! Remember that you can catch Allie on January 3rd in Brick, NJ for Stand Alone Wrestling’s DONT KROSS THE BOSS! event!

You can also follow Allie Recks on all of her social media pages:

FB: Allie Recks
IG: @AllieRecks
Twitter: @AllieReck
YouTube: Allie Recks

All Photos provided by Allie Recks and Allie Recks’ official Social Media pages 

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