GCSN Fantasy Booking: How WWE Should’ve Booked Goldberg vs. The Fiend

GCSN Fantasy Booking: How WWE Should’ve Booked Goldberg vs. The Fiend

Remember when Seth Rollins beat The Fiend at Hell in a Cell and we were all extremely upset because of how they booked Bray? Remember how we all thought it couldn’t get any worse? Well if you’ve been paying attention you will know….it got worse. Goldberg…. 53-year-old retired Hall of Famer Bill Golberg walked into Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and beat The Fiend to become the new Universal Champion.

As soon as Goldberg hit the first spear, I knew what was going to happen. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew it would happen. 4 total spears and a janky looking jackhammer later, months and months of character development and build were thrown down the drain. The way they had Bray Wyatt lose was even worse, mainly because Goldberg can’t put together a match over 5 minutes. So even though I would never have Goldberg beat The Fiend, if that’s the direction that the WWE had to go with, this is how I would do it.

2020 Royal Rumble Go-Home SmackDown Show

This all starts on the Royal Rumble go-home show of SmackDown. WWE will advertise the return of Goldberg for this show, saying that he has a big announcement. Goldberg appears on the show and announces that he is entering himself into the 2020 Royal Rumble match, and he will go on to WrestleMania to be the one to defeat The Fiend and become the new Universal Champion. Goldberg is interrupted by Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn takes exception to Goldberg thinking he could just enter himself in the Rumble after being gone for 6 months and thinks Goldberg is selfish for taking a spot in the Rumble from a current WWE wrestler who actually deserves it. Zayn gets in the ring and is instantly speared by Goldberg. Nakamura and Cesaro pull Sami out of the ring and Goldberg pumps up the crowd.

2020 Royal Rumble

The 2020 Royal Rumble match will go the same way it did in real-life with Brock destroying everybody, and Drew McIntyre eliminating him. Originally, the number 23 entrant was Matt Riddle, but in my booking, Goldberg is the number 23 entrant. Goldberg makes his way to the ring, but from behind Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura beat him down, throwing him all around with chairs. The beat down and two kinshasas later, Goldberg is unable to compete in the match. Goldberg is laying there almost unconscious, and Matt Riddle takes his spot and makes his way to the ring, but just walks past Goldberg laughing. (Maybe I’ll book Riddle and Goldberg if you all like this booking). You can even have Zayn, Cesaro and Nakamura cut a WWE Live-exclusive with Zayn reiterating what he said about Goldberg taking a rumble spot from someone who actually deserves it. Cesaro could then say if anybody should be challenging The Fiend, it should be him, the future of the company.

Post Royal Rumble

After the Royal Rumble, I would have Goldberg appear on SmackDown and say he wants Sami Zayn in a match, so he can show him how much he deserves to be here. Zayn comes out and says he’s still not medically cleared to compete, but the Swiss Superman is and if anybody deserves a shot at Bray Wyatt, it’s Cesaro. Goldberg says he doesn’t care who it is, but he wants a fight. We then get a Firefly Fun House with Bray saying The Fiend doesn’t care who deserves it and who doesn’t. The Fiend only cares about one thing, and that is mayhem. Bray then offers the suggestion that Goldberg and Cesaro fight, and whoever wins will get the pleasure of being destroyed by The Fiend.

Two weeks later, Goldberg and Cesaro have their match on SmackDown. Despite multiple attempts from Zayn and Nakamura, Cesaro ends up eating the spear and jackhammer from Goldberg. After the match, The Fiend appears in the ring, and just how we saw in real life, I’d have Goldberg hit Fiend with a spear and have the lights go out and The Fiend disappear. The Fiend can play games with Goldberg until Super ShowDown and Goldberg can no sell it all so he looks like he’s not afraid and not phased by The Fiend at all.

Super ShowDown

At Super ShowDown, The Fiend and Goldberg match starts pretty much the same way it did. An intense staredown and a spear by Goldberg to kick it off, followed by a kick out of one by Bray. Goldberg would actually look like he’s about to beat The Fiend and Goldberg even throws Bray off of him when Bray goes for the Mandible Claw. We can see The Fiend shaking his head and going crazy because he’s obviously never been in this position. Goldberg sets Bray up for another spear, but all the lights go out in the stadium (it’s dark outside so we shouldn’t see anything). When the lights come back on, Bray has that crazy mallet in his hand and just goes to town on Goldberg. The ref calls for the bell, but Bray doesn’t stop his assault on Goldberg. This has to be one of the biggest beatdowns The Fiend has ever done.

Post Super ShowDown

With SmackDown the next day, Goldberg is obviously not there, but on Twitter, he posts “I know what I need to do”. WWE announces that because of the disqualification, Goldberg will get another shot at the Universal Championship at the Elimination Chamber. On Monday Night Raw, we see the Monday Night Messiah Seth Rollins and his “disciples” in the locker room. We can’t hear anything, but we see Goldberg enter the locker room with his hands up, showing he’s not there for a fight. Seth and Goldberg then begin talking, but we obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. We see this same thing happen on NXT Wednesday. Goldberg shows up and talks to Finn Balor in the locker room, but again we have no idea what it’s about. The commentators play this up like they have no idea what’s going on.

When Friday night SmackDown rolls around, we again, for the third time see Goldberg go up to wrestlers in the locker room. This time, he wanders into the SmackDown Tag Team Champions locker room, John Morrison and The Miz. In the main event segment of SmackDown, Goldberg comes to the ring and talks about the beating he got from The Fiend. He says it’s unlike anything he’s ever experienced, and he knew he had to think outside the box in order to defeat him. Goldberg then asks Daniel Bryan to come to the ring and asks Daniel if he thought about what he asked him about earlier in the night (we don’t see this on TV). Daniel seems to not want to be apart of it, but Goldberg reminds Bryan of what The Fiend did to him, and that seems to piss Bryan off. Bryan then does one “YES!” chant, and we get a Firefly Fun House segment.

Bray Wyatt is there laughing at Goldberg. Bray says it’s pretty funny how Goldberg is going to all the people he’s killed in the past to ask them for advice on how to beat him. Bray then reminds Bryan of what he did to him in the strap match and tells Goldberg that nothing they can tell him will change his fate at Elimination Chamber. Goldberg cuts Wyatt off, and says he wasn’t asking them for advice, he was asking for their participation. Goldberg then reveals to The Fiend (and us) that he talked to WWE management, and at Elimination Chamber, The Fiend will defend the Universal Championship inside the Elimination Chamber against Goldberg, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan.

Elimination Chamber

At the Elimination Chamber PPV, before the Main Event we see Wyatt’s 5 opponents in the locker room strategizing. Tensions between the 5 seem to get high as Goldberg seems to think he will be the one to win the match. Finn and Seth tell Goldberg that once they take care of The Fiend, it’s every man for themselves, and neither will hesitate to put Goldberg down for good. Goldberg, Seth, and Finn all enter their pods, but the lights go out in the arena. When they come back on, The Fiend is magically in his pod, and he has his mallet resting on the glass. The match starts off with Daniel Bryan and The Miz first. When the bell rings, the two men don’t fight and instead they just wait in front of The Fiend’s pod. The third man in the match is Balor, and he comes in joins Bryan and Miz waiting for The Fiend. Bryan and Miz are talking about what to do as Finn Balor enters the match, but it starts getting heated as Miz is trying to boss Bryan around. Miz goes to punch Bryan, but Bryan ducks and Finn gets struck instead. Finn is irate and begins beating down both Miz and Bryan.

Seth is next, and he tries to calm things down but ends up getting struck by Finn. Now, all 4 men are in the ring fighting, and The Fiend is just standing in his pod, not moving an inch while Goldberg can be seen visibly upset in his pod. Back inside the ring, after an exchange between the 4 men, Miz hits Bryan with a skull crushing finale and Seth hits him with a curb stomp and then pinned him, eliminating Bryan from the match. The countdown ends and Goldberg is next in the match. He immediately begins pushing Finn, Seth and Miz and yelling at them telling them this wasn’t the plan. The three men start beating down Goldberg in the ring, kicking and punching him. The clock runs down to zero, and the lights in the arena go off. When they come back up, The Fiend is now out of his pod and in the ring. He begins dominating everybody, hitting Seth, Finn and Miz with move after move. The three men try to fight back but Wyatt is just too powerful.

Goldberg gets to his feet and goes for a spear, but hits Miz instead. Goldberg tries to start beating down The Fiend, and Finn joins in trying to keep him down, but behind them Seth pins Miz, and eliminates him. The Fiend wipes out Finn, Seth and Goldberg and goes back into his pod and gets the mallet from inside. Goldberg is on the ground and The Fiend lines up the mallet square on Goldberg’s head. From behind, Seth grabs the mallet and begins beating down The Fiend with it (no stupid toolbox this time). Seth, Finn, and Goldberg have The Fiend grounded, but Seth attempts to hit Goldberg with the mallet. Goldberg hits Seth with a spear, and eliminates him and Finn goes for a roll up. Goldberg kicks out and from behind The Fiend locks Finn in the mandible claw, and eliminates him from the match. 

Goldberg and The Fiend are the only two left, but The Fiend is visibly hurt. He’s taken a lot of damage from the mallet, which is now right next to Goldberg. Goldberg picks up the mallet, looks at The Fiend, and snaps it in half over his knee. The Fiend charges for Goldberg, who hits him with a spear, and goes for a cover that Wyatt kicks out at two from. Much like in the Super ShowDown show, The Fiend locks Goldberg in the mandible claw, and Goldberg reverses it into a jackhammer (a proper jackhammer). Goldberg doesn’t go for the pinfall, but instead hits Wyatt with another jackhammer. Finally, after a third jackhammer, Goldberg pins The Fiend, and becomes the new Universal Champion.

As I said in the opening, I wouldn’t have Goldberg beat The Fiend at all. Some people out there think it was the right move for ratings and all that, but it also killed months of character build. But if this is the direction that it had to go in, this is how I would do it. It accomplishes a lot of things. First, it gives Goldberg an actual number one contenders match against Cesaro instead of him just showing up, saying he wants a title shot and getting it. Cesaro wouldn’t get buried (anymore than he already has been) and Sami is the perfect heel manager. Then the match itself kind of protects Wyatt. It ties in his previous feuds and even ties in the Bryan-Miz lifelong feud. They gang up on him in the match, but still it was Goldberg who ended being the one to put him away, so in the end, it’s the same result, but with an actual story behind it.

Did you like our fantasy booking? How would you have booked The Fiend vs. Goldberg? Also, if you’d like us to fantasy book other WWE storylines, be sure to let us know!

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