GCSN Exclusive Coverage: Texasmania 2

GCSN Exclusive Coverage: Texasmania 2

This past weekend I had the pleasure in covering Texasmania 2, the biggest Texas indy wrestling event ever! Eight wrestling promotions came together to throw is epic event. The following promotions were a part of this event.

-VIP Wrestling
-Global Wrestling Federation
-DFW All-Pro Wrestling
-DFW All-Pro Women’s Wrestling
-Texas Outlaw Pro
-Big Texas Wrestling
-Mineral Wells Pro Wrestling
-Smash Mouth Wrestling

Texasmania hosted wrestlers from AEW, NJPW, Lucha Underground, and former WWE, TNA, Impact stars. Lance Hoyt/Archer, Austin Theory, Sammy Guevara, Michael Tarver, Thunder Rosa, and former WWE Women’s Champion Jazz were all in attendance.


Pre-show match: Magnificent Malico vs Gregory James
After some taunting, Malico threw James out of the ring. Malico started running ropes while laughing. James enters the ring, and then they throw back and forth chops. Malico powerslams James, but only gets a 2 count. After back and forth grappling, Malico powerbombs James into the turnbuckle, and James neck whips off the pad. The referee immediately checks on James, but ends up throwing up the X, ending the match due to injury. Very, very scary scene and James gets stretchered out.
RESULT: No Contest due to referee stoppage.


Pre-show match: 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal. Winner gets a VIP Championship match.
As expected, there was a massive brawl to start the match. There was just too much going on to really get many details. The final 2 were a tag team known by The Supreme Savages (Michael Angelo and Dee Carter). The duo grabbed mics and announced that they have done everything together, so they want to win together. The ringside announcer announces that there is one more contestant. Greenman! Greenman throws the duo out and wins.
RESULT: Greenman wins.


Opening Contest: GWF Onslaught Heavyweight Championship: Lou Gotti (c) vs AAA Star Low Rider
Both men start with reversing grapples, followed by lucha flips. Low Rider hits a huge hurricarana, throwing Gotti outside of the ring. Rider goes for a suicide dive but Gotti blocks with a security guard. Gotti pulls the guard into the ring and throws him out onto Rider! After both men return to the ring, Rider hits a monstrous cutter, followed by a code breaker. Gotti throws Rider out to the floor, and hits a suicide dive. As both men are on the floor, the security guard from before gets into the ring and dives onto Gotti! Gotti’s manager Nastico distracts the referee as Gotti hits his finisher. Gotti pins Low Rider to retain. This match was INSANE! My personal favorite match of the night.
RESULT: Lou Gotti retains over Low Rider.


Big Texas Tag Team Championships: Radical Athletes (c) (Dontae Smiley and Ty Wilson) vs Bad Boyz (Lil Tony and Seph Anunnaki)
These two teams have been facing each other for years, and you can feel the hatred radiating. As soon as the champions hit the ring, the Bad Boyz attack before the match can start. The Athletes fought back, throwing both opponents out of the ring. Both Athletes dive on the Bad Boyz, taking them out. Both teams are back in the ring, trading punches but Seph gets the upperhand. Both teams end up ringside, and Lil Tony throws Wilson into the brick wall face first! The Bad Boyz get Smiley into the ring and work him. When Wilson climbs back on the apron, Seph distracts the referee as Tony handcuffs Wilson to the corner! Bad Boyz hit their finisher and pin Smiley.
RESULT: Bad Boyz win the Big Texas Tag Championships.


DFW All-Pro Women’s Championship Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match
Killa Kate (c) vs Thunder Rosa vs Reiza Clarke vs Alejandra Lion.
Thunder Rosa is an indie favorite, as she’s wrestled all over the US. And the pop for her entrance proved so. As the match starts, Kate and Rosa attack Clarke and Lion, and throw them out of the ring. The champion and the favorite are left in the ring, as they stare each other down. Kate gets a leglock on Rosa, but Rosa reverses with her own leglock. Both women separate, and Rosa tosses Kate outside. Rosa starts gloating, but is met with the tall Clarke. Clarke slams Rosa to the mat. Lion comes in and hits Clarke a few times before Kate comes in and attacks both. Kate gets a few close pins, but eventually eliminated Clarke. Lion comes out of nowhere and pins Kate with a roll-up pin. We are guaranteed a new champion! Alejandra Lion vs Thunder Rosa. Both women meet in the center of the ring, but work each other into the corner. Lion gets a few hits in before being reversed and Rosa lands a few chops. Rosa goes to the top rope for a dive, but Lion rolls out of the way. Lion hits 2 of her finishers and pins Rosa.
RESULT: Alejandra Lion wins the DFW All Pro Women’s Championship.



Smash Mouth Bull of the Woods Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) vs Gino
This is Sammy Guevara’s farewell match before he heads to AEW. Guevara and Gino are former tag team partners known as International Playa’s Club, so it was a very fitting farewell matchup. Of course Guevara got a massive pop. Guevara comes out of the test of strength on top, but was quickly nullified by Gino. Shoulder tackle by Gino as he stands tall over a smiling Guevara. Kip up by Guevara as he goes for a handshake, but shoves a middle finger in Gino’s face. Huge clothesline by Gino, followed by a quick 2 count. Gino put Guevara through a few submissions, but Sammy gets out. Guevara hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, then heads to the top rope and hits a shooting star press. But Gino rolls over into a pin! 2 count for Gino as he lays out Sammy, but Guevara pops right up and hits a superkick! The crowd is going absolutely insane! Not a single fan is in their seat. Both men crawl to their knees and trade chops. Guevara gets the upperhand, and tosses Gino outside. Suicide dive by Guevara! Both men get up to the top rope, as Gino gets Guevara on his shoulders and hits a massive diving senton bomb. 1-2-3, we has a new champion, Gino! The manager for both men, Lance Romance, climbs into the ring and presents Gino with the Bull of the Woods Championship. Both competitors and great friends embrace each other with a hug. Romance tells Guevara how proud he is of him, and how much Texas will miss him. Romance then plays a tribute video and Sammy thanks everyone for the support.
RESULT: Gino wins the Bull of the Woods Championship.



DFW All-Pro Championship: Matthew Palmer vs Xavier Daniels (c)
Palmer has a drunk gimmick going, so he stumbles around the ring. One of the venues shot girls gets on the apron and offers Palmer drinks. Palmer accepts and hands Daniels and the ref both a shot, but Daniels gets offended and throws it onto Palmer. Palmer then spits his shot in Dainels face and both men start brawling. Daniels outpowers and starts tossing Palmer around. After a few submission maneuvers by Daniels, Palmer ends up hitting a few chops. Palmer grabs Daniels and puts him into a sharpshooter. Daniels powers out and both men roll out of the ring. Palmer rolls Daniels into the ring, then climbs to the top rope. Daniels counters and climbs up for a superplex, but gets reversed and Palmer hits an avalanche tombstone piledriver! This was insane to see in person. But Daniels somehow kicks out! Palmer starts stomping on Daniels head until the referee pulls him off. After some back and forth, Daniels hits his finisher 3 times to retain the belt.
RESULT: Xavier Daniels retains the DFW All-Pro Championship.


Texas Outlaw Pro Mixed Tag Match: Nobe Bryant and Erica Torres vs Rodney Mack and Jazz
Torres starts the match with Mack, and Mack just straight outpowers Torres. Bryant keeps telling Torres to tag him in, but she refuses and says she can handle it. But after a monstrous powerslam from Mack, she tagged out. Bryant is in now and calls out Jazz. Bryant goes for a bodyslam, but kneels and signals that he’s going to spank Jazz. But he ends up picking her back up and standing her in the corner. Jazz tags out and Mack gets a few chokeholds on Bryant. After a few minutes of Bryant getting worked, he goes to tag out but Torres refuses to tag. Bryant and Mack go at it for a few minutes, then Torres tags herself in and gets blindsided by Jazz, as Jazz gets the finish. Torres and Bryant argue after the match.
RESULT: Mack and Jazz defeat Torres and Bryant.


Mineral Wells Pro Wrestling Championship: Lance Hoyt (c) vs Michael Tarver
This was a matchup of 2 monsters. Tarver got the initial advantage with a right hand, laying out Hoyt. Tarver gets up to the top rope before Hoyt throws him out to the floor. Hoyt walks Tarver around the ring with clubbing blows to the back. Hoyt starts working Tarver’s right hand, taking off his glove and stomping on his fingers. Hoyt puts Tarver’s hand into the ringsteps then stomps it! Tarver is screaming in pain from this move. Big boot by Hoyt, followed by a 2 count. Hoyt crawls out to the floor and grabs a chair from under the ring. Tarver is on the apron with his hand on the metal post, and Hoyt slams his hand with the chair to end the match by DQ.
RESULT: Michael Tarver wins by DQ, but Lance Hoyt is still champion.



Main Event: VIP Championship Triple Threat: Matt Cross vs Austin Theory vs Barrett Brown (c)
Main event time! Brown and Cross team up and toss Theory out of the ring. Both men lock up, but Cross overpowers Brown to the ground. Theory runs in and takes both men out. Theory gives Brown a few left hands, but then Cross hits a running corner splash on Theory. Running clothesline by Cross to Theory. Cross climbs to the top rope, but is met by Brown and the exchange punches. Theory then joins the two as he and Brown try to superplex Cross to the matt. Cross breaks out though, tossing both opponents to the ground. Cross then hits a double stomp on both Brown and Theory! All three men are laid out in the center of the ring. Brown and Theory pull themselves to the corners and Cross it’s a running splash on both men. Cross then gets a 2 count on Theory. Cross and Brown exchange huge forearms, but Brown hits Cross with a spinning DDT. Theory comes in to attack Brown, but gets dumped to the outside. Brown then hits the running knee on Cross and gets the 3 count. After the match, Cross and Brown shake hands. The winner from the pre-show battle royal, Greenman, gets a title shot against Brown since he won the BR. He comes out to shake Brown’s hand, but gives him a low blow! Greenman then hits a death valley driver. Greenman removes his mask and it’s Gregory James! James was stretchered out earlier in the night in his preshow match, but shocked everyone with this return. James and Brown were former tag team partners and had success as a team. James says he’s coming for the VIP Championship. After he leaves the ring, Brown takes the mic and says that he’ll get his shot. They will have a Steel Cage match at the next show!



This show was an incredible event and I had the honor of being ringside for photography. I would like to give a special thanks to Lamont Williams, the man behind the event. And I hope everyone enjoys the article!

All photography was shot and is owned by Chris Caradine.

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