GCSN Crowns the King Diva in Sports

GCSN Crowns the King Diva in Sports

The world of sports is a true jungle. Everyone is fighting for their right to survive in their respective leagues. But for those at the very top of the food chain, the ones who have little to no worries, they fight for a different type of supremacy…King Diva.

Divas. You hear that term thrown out a lot by the media, fans, and even other players. Some of today’s most iconic athletes are labeled as divas due to their actions not only on the field, but off the field as well. 

First Comic News

So here at Game Changer Sports Network, we decided to try to find out who the biggest diva in sports is. So in the coming days, you will see “Diva Profiles” for 12 athletes.

Those 12 athletes will then be placed into a bracket, where you, our readers, will decide who moves on and who doesn’t. This will continue until we have our one and only King Diva.

Be sure to check back to GCSN daily to view the profiles. The bracket will be released once the profiles are complete. 

This oughta be good….

Photo source: factoryofsadness.com

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