GCSN College Football Pick ’em Week 5

GCSN College Football Pick ’em Week 5

It’s another Saturday in fall, which means it’s College Gameday. Do you think Nebraska can take down Ohio State? Can Washington beat USC? Here is what our writers think.

#23 Texas A&M vs Arkansas

Alex Brown: Texas A&M
Andrew Ashworth: Texas A&M
Bryan Beggs: Texas A&M
Jake Jollymore: Texas A&M
Jason Williamson: Texas A&M
Tim Sorota: Texas A&M

Northwestern vs #8 Wisconsin

Alex Brown: Wisconsin
Andrew Ashworth: Wisconsin
Bryan Beggs: Wisconsin
Jake Jollymore: Wisconsin
Jason Williamson: Wisconsin
Tim Sorota: Wisconsin

#18 Virginia vs #10 Notre Dame

Alex Brown: Virginia
Andrew Ashworth: Notre Dame
Bryan Beggs: Virginia
Jake Jollymore: Notre Dame
Jason Williamson: Virginia
Tim Sorota: Notre Dame

#21 USC vs #17 Washington

Alex Brown: Washington
Andrew Ashworth: USC
Bryan Beggs: USC
Jake Jollymore: Washington
Jason Williamson: USC
Tim Sorota: Washington

Iowa State vs Baylor

Alex Brown: Iowa State
Andrew Ashworth: Iowa State
Bryan Beggs: Iowa State
Jake Jollymore: Baylor
Jason Williamson: Iowa State
Tim Sorota: Iowa State

Mississippi State vs #7 Auburn

Alex Brown: Auburn
Andrew Ashworth: Auburn
Bryan Beggs: Mississippi State
Jake Jollymore: Auburn
Jason Williamson: Auburn
Tim Sorota: Auburn

#24 Kansas State vs Oklahoma State

Alex Brown: Oklahoma State
Andrew Ashworth: Oklahoma State
Bryan Beggs: Kansas State
Jake Jollymore: Kansas State
Jason Williamson: Oklahoma State
Tim Sorota: Oklahoma State

#5 Ohio State vs Nebraska

Alex Brown: Nebraska
Andrew Ashworth: Ohio State
Bryan Beggs: Ohio State
Jake Jollymore: Ohio State
Jason Williamson: Ohio State
Tim Sorota: Ohio State

Washington State vs #19 Utah

Alex Brown: Utah
Andrew Ashworth: Utah
Bryan Beggs: Utah
Jake Jollymore: Washington State
Jason Williamson: Utah
Tim Sorota: Washington State

Hawai’i vs Nevada

Alex Brown: Hawai’i
Andrew Ashworth: Hawai’i
Bryan Beggs: Nevada
Jake Jollymore: Nevada
Jason Williamson: Nevada
Tim Sorota: Nevada

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