GCSN 2019 MLB Playoff Predictions | Wild Card and Divisional Series

GCSN 2019 MLB Playoff Predictions | Wild Card and Divisional Series

It’s here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for! 6 months! 162 games! Days and days of regular season baseball have all lead up to this point, playoff baseball!

We’ve had a great season as baseball fans. Some surprising teams staking their claim as top contenders. Teams people had high hopes for totally collapsing. Some teams just trying to stay relevant.

But through it all, we’ve made it and I couldn’t be more excited. Here at GCSN, we will be giving you our picks for who we think will win each series, beginning with the Wild Card games and Divisional Series games. Be sure to visit our Facebook page where you can join in and give us your own predictions!

American League Wild Card
Tampa Bay @ Oakland

Mike Rosa – Tampa Bay
Jake Bishop – Tampa Bay
Kyle Hernandez – Tampa Bay
Nick Lombardi – Tampa Bay
Kaleb Alan McChesney – Tampa Bay

National League Wild Card
Milwaukee @ Washington

Mike Rosa – Washington
Jake Bishop – Washington
Kyle Hernandez – Milwaukee
Nick Lombardi – Milwaukee
Kaleb Alan McChesney – Milwaukee

New York vs. Minnesota

Mike Rosa – New York
Jake Bishop – New York
Kyle Hernandez – New York
Nick Lombardi – New York
Kaleb Alan McChesney – New York

Houston vs. AL WC Winner

Mike Rosa – Houston
Jake Bishop – Houston
Kyle Hernandez – Houston
Nick Lombardi – Houston
Kaleb Alan McChesney – Houston

Atlanta vs. St. Louis

Mike Rosa – Atlanta
Jake Bishop – St. Louis
Kyle Hernandez – St. Louis
Nick Lombardi – Atlanta
Kaleb Alan McChesney – Atlanta

Los Angeles vs NL WC Winner

Mike Rosa – Los Angeles
Jake Bishop – Los Angeles
Kyle Hernandez – Los Angeles
Nick Lombardi – Los Angeles
Kaleb Alan McChesney – Los Angeles

Be sure to check back to GCSN for out ALCS, NLCS and World Series predictions! Please join us and make your predictions on our Facebook page as well!

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