Gardner Minshew Mustache Biography

Gardner Minshew Mustache Biography

As we go into Sunday’s game which features Jacksonville in Denver, there is a new name that has emerged from the shadows. Who is this unknown Quarterback now starting for the Jaguars? First of all, he’s “a II.” So his father was also a Gardner, and no I don’t mean the kind that play’s with flowers. For those of you feeling too lazy to go to Wikipedia for this information, here is a nice summary of the mustache and it’s owner:

For you history buffs: the name Minshew’s origins lie with the Anglo-Saxons of Britian. The surname Minshew belongs to the large category of Anglo-Saxon habitation names, which stem’s from towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads that were pre-existing.

Gardner Minshew II attended High School in Brandon, Mississippi. He played Quarterback for The Brandon High School Bulldogs, where he became a starter his sophomore year of High School. During his first season as a starter he led the Bulldogs to the 6A Championship Game, where they’d lose 23-31. He would have his shot at redemption as a senior, where they would win in 2014. Here are his year by year numbers in HS:

  • 2011: 41-69 (59.4%)/473 Yards/6 TD/4 INT
  • 2012: 216-388 (55.7%)/3,001 Yards/27 TD/12 INT
  • 2013: 186-315 (59%)/2,690 Yards/24 TD/5 INT
  • 2014: 243-395 (61.5%)/3,541/31 TD/3 INT

I can most certainly confirm those numbers are better than any of the Quarterbacks that played at my High School. Okay moving on.

Gardner would begin his College Football Career in 2015 at Northwest Mississippi Community College. He passed 3,228 Yards with a 60.8% completion percentage. In that same year, he would lead the team to the NJCAA National Football Championship.

Gardner would transfer to East Carolina University for two more seasons, before enrolling at Washington State in fall of 2018. He led Washington State to 11 wins, a school-record, as well as claiming the Pac-12 single-season-record for most passing yards. Minshew was awarded the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award and in same season, he was named the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, as well as finishing 5th in voting for the Heisman Trophy. Below are his college numbers, by year:

  • 2016: 119-202 (58.9%)/1,347 Yards/8 TD/4 INT
  • 2017: 174-304 (57.2%)/2,140 Yards/16 TD/7 INT
  • 2018: 468-662 (70.7%)/4,776 Yards/38 YD/9 INT

As far as college goes, 2018 was alright. Well, it was good enough to earn him the 178th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, anyway.

However, on September 8th, the NFL would be changed forever. It was a game against The Kansas City Cheifs, where Minshew found himself being put in a real life NFL game. Due to a shoulder injury, starter Nick Foles was taken out due to inury. Suddenly, The Jacksonville Jaguars were relying on the new Southern Boy from Mississippi. He would go 22-25, for 275 Yards. He would throw two touchdowns, and one interception. Thus, The Legend of the Stache was born.

One thing seems for certain, in this tale. Wherever he goes, success seems to follow. Will this trend continue? Discuss below:

2019: 65-88 (73.9%)/692 Yards/5 TD/1 INT

Featured Image Credit: CBS Sports

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