The LA galaxy hosted the Hoston Dynamo Sunday. Stubhub Center saw a sold out crowd show up for what was sure to be an exciting game. The galaxy came out strong, scoring two goals in the first half to take a commanding lead in a must-win game with playoff implications.

Ola Kamara put on a show as his relentless attacking efforts were rewarded with 2 goals. Ashley Cole, Romain Allesandrini and Jonathan dos Santos all came to play as well providing solid mid-field work and even assists from all three. The offense was hitting on all cylinders. The Lion, Ibrahimovich, provided a few shots on goal while also making some key passes that led to goal scoring opportunities that fell short. All was well and things were going great. Then the Galaxy lost…

Simple as that. Coming out of the tunnel in the 2nd half, the Galaxy were a new team – but not for the better. The solid efforts of the offense (and defense) in the first half were erased as Houston slowly crept back in. Scoring three goals, one off a penalty kick, the Dynamo rebounded and won the game. LA’s defense was now non-existant. What they had done successfully earlier in the game was not executed later. Players were beat on set pieces. Houston forwards got in behind Steres and Romney, for the better part of 45 minutes. And Keeper David Bingham was frozen at times. By the time the Galaxy knew it, they were in deep trouble. The Houston Dynamo didnt care they had missed the playoffs this year – they were there to win.

They caught the Galaxy sleeping… And that is a nice way of putting it. The feared defensive woes Galxians have watched all season long came back to bite LA in the 2nd half. With confirmation of the lackluster defense many fans are now puzzled as to what this means for the great Zlatan Ibrahimovich and the rest of the team moving forward. The buzz around social media is the same as its been all season. “We need a defense” and “fire the coach” are being thrown around in anger after fans watched their team collapse. Galaxy Players also got in their comments, venting frustrations… Player Comments

Others are asking for President Chris Klein to step down as most think the boss in LA has exhausted all his resources. Klein, a former player with the Galaxy, spent a lot of time and money investing in the offensive powerhouse that is the LA Galaxy front line and midfield. However, people are saying he missed the bigger picture; rebuilding the defense. For this, a lot of Galaxy fans are pointing fingers…

There is plenty of planning and work to be done in the off season. The galaxy’s defensive woes must be faced head on and taken care of. There is no other way to put it. Front office personnel shold not expect to be comfortable until March of next year as this promises to be an offseason of moves that may cut into the management of the team. Being that it is LA, fans know there is change coming. Weather it is for better or not is still up for grabs. With a little ingenutiy and personnel adjustment the Galaxy can make some big moves to improve their roster and get the MLS Dynasty back to where it should be.

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