Free Agency Update: July 6th

Free Agency Update: July 6th

Only 9 teams remain when it comes to announcing signings, but that number could decrease this afternoon as Monday’s seem to be a more active announcement day. Meanwhile, Fort Wayne remains the most active team with 12 announced signings. Below is the list of announced players, teams’ qualifying offers, and players who have retired or have decided to go overseas.

Players Signed: Matt Salhany, Mike Szmatula, Charles Curti

Qualifying Offers: Kelly Summers, Jake Linhart, Blake Thompson, James Phelan, Conor Riley, John Edwardh and Robbie Payne

Players Signed: Cam Bakker and Patrick Megannety

Qualifying Offers: Rob Mann, T.J. Melancon, Chris Martenet, Nathan Todd, Dan Leavens, Jackson Leef, Jared Gomes

Players Signed: Dillan Fox and Ted Hart

Qualifying Offers: Francois Brassard, Austin McEneny, Josh Couturier, Dallas Rossiter, Gabriel Sylvestre, Jonathan Racine and Ryan Ferrill

Players Signed: James Melindy

Qualifying Offers: Parker Gahagen, Evan Neugold, Mark Tremaine and Dylan Vander Esch

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Ralph Cuddemi, Trevor Yates, Max Willman and Trevor Gooch

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Ivan Chukarov, Jack Stander, Anthony Florentino, Barry Almeida, Shane Walsh, Kyle Thomas, Jordan Samuels-Thomas and Eddie Matsushima

Players Signed: Derek Nesbitt, Malcolm Hayes, Zach Yoder

Qualifying Offers: Zachary Malatesta, Nick Bligh and Eric Neiley

Players Signed: John McCarron, Micheal Neville, Cam Johnson

Qualifying Offers: Ben Masella, Logan Roe, Patrick McCarron, Michael Huntebrinker and Blake Winiecki

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Hayden Hawkey, Evan Weninger, Ryan Black, Adam Larkin, Travis Howe, Jimmy Lodge and Karl El-Mir

Players Signed: Brendan Warren and Ian McKinnon

Qualifying Offers: Trey Phillips, Dajon Mingo, Mitch Jones, Jack Glover, Chase Lang, Everett Clark and Pierre-Luc Mercier

Players Announced: Alex Tonge, Alex Rodriguez, Jakob Reichert, Jake Theut

Qualifying Offers: Brandon Halverson, Brycen Martin, Brayden Sherbinin, River Rymsha, J.C. Campagna, Sebastian Vidmar, Cam Maclise and Sam Povorozniouk

Players Signed: Trevor Olson, Chris LeBlanc, Tommy Panico, Paul Meyer, Kevin Lohan, Alexander Kuqali

Qualifying Offers: Clint Windsor, Cody Donaghey, Brandon Anselmini, Jake Coughler, Taylor Cammarata, Brent Pedersen, Tyler Bird and Hunter Fejes

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Tom Parisi, Neal Goff, Jaynen Rissling, Max Novak, Branden Troock, Mark Cooper, Dylan Steman and Nick Saracino

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Andrew DeBrincat, Connor Schmidt, Nate Mitton, Ben Johnson, Philippe Hudon, Brendan Harms, Matt McLeod and Jacob Benson

Players Signed: Stefanos Lekkas, Kyle Haas, Marcus McIvor, Matt Murphy, Blake Siebenaler, Tommy Beaudoin, Matt Boudens, Stephen Harper, A.J. Jenks, Anthony Petruzzelli, Marc-Olivier Roy, Shawn Szydlowski

Qualifying Offers: Chase Stewart, Adam Henry, Olivier Galipeau, Shawn St-Amant, Alan Lyszczarczyk, Brett McKenzie and Brady Shaw

Players Signed: Alex Rauter and Joe Sullivan

Qualifying Offers: Keoni Texeira, Craig Wyszomirski, Bobby MacIntyre, Spencer Watson, Michael Doherty and Ryan Van Stralen

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Ben Wilson, Tyler Ganly, Will Petschenig, Austin Farley, Kyle Blaney, Spencer Naas and Boston Leier

Players Signed: Butrus Ghafari and Connor Walters

Qualifying Offers: Billy Christopoulos, Mike Moffat, Dylan Zink, Brenden Kotyk, Blake Hillman and Justin Buzzeo

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Kyle McKenzie, Jeremy Beaudry, Steve Johnson, Chad Duchesne, Josh Holmstrom and Cam Brown

Players Signed: Spencer Asuchak and Jared Vanwormer

Qualifying Offers: Turner Ottenbreit, Kayle Doetzel, Jacob Doty, Brett Pollock, Jordan Topping and Gabriel Gagne

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Brady Norrish, Keegan Kanzig, Colton Saucerman, Eric Sweetman, Brett Supinski, Max Coatta, Jonathan Charbonneau and Mitch Moroz

Players Signed: Luke Bafia and Tommy Muck

Qualifying Offers: Kevin McKernan, Charlie O’Connor, Mitchell Vanderlaan, Matt Schmalz, Michael Parks, Jack Walker and Sam Kurker

Players Signed: None Announced

Qualifying Offers: Tyler Parks, Chris Leibinger, Josh Elmes, Peter Quenneville, Stephane Legault, Brennan Saulnier, Darian Romanko and Dante Salituro

Players Signed: Charlie Sampair

Qualifying Offers: Cam Knight, Miles Liberati, Nolan Gluchowski, Jake Bolton, Danny Moynihan, Jack Nevins and Cory Ward

Players Signed: Austin Beaulieu, Mitch Maxwell, Jared Pike, Yuri Terao

Qualifying Offers: Martin Ouellette, Connor Yau and Griffen Molino

Players Signed: Peter Crinella, Jay Dickman, Spender Dorowicz

Qualifying Offers: Mitch Gillam, Jacob Graves, Sean Allen, Patrik Parkkonen, Lane Bauer, Billy Exell, Jason Salvaggio and Fabrizio Ricci

Players Leaving

Rocco Carzo, Kansas City – Retired

Alexey Solovyev, Atlanta – Avangard Omsk

Jamie Phillips, Brampton Beast- Retired

Michael Sdao, Adirondack – Retired

Eric Neilly, Atlanta – Gyergyói HK

Michael Kapla, Newfoundland – Västerviks IK

Patrick Munson, Orlando – Briançon

Brady Ferguson, Newfoundland – Rögle BK

Ondrej Vala, Idaho – HC Dynamo Pardubice

Zach O’Brien, Newfoundland – EV Landshut

Marcus Power, Newfoundland – EV Landshut

Matt Bradley, Newfoundland – HC Poruba (rumored)

Ben Holmstrom, Cincinnati- Lillehammer

Parker Milner, South Carolina – Retired

Tim McGauley, Utah – Stjernen Hockey

Michael Doherty, Indy – Retired

Craig Wyszomirski, Indy – Retired

Kyle Schempp, Idaho – Retired

Potential ECHL Expansion Article will be published on Friday, July 10th.

Photo Credit: Matthew Boyce – GCSN Graphic Design

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