Frazier Out?

Frazier Out?

New York Yankees top outfield prospect Clint Frazier has been battling concussion-like symptoms since Sunday morning. During their game against the Pirates on Saturday, Frazier was tracking a ball and misjudged exactly where he was. When he reached the warning track, he leapt to make a great catch, but fell short of the wall, hitting his head at the base of the fence on his way down.

Frazier voiced his frustration on Wedesnday, stating, “I have a goal to attain, and it’s not fun watching it kind of feel like it dwindles away when you’re sitting on the shelf.” The 23 year old is competing for a spot on the Yankees 25 man roster with the company of Judge, Stanton, Gardner, Hicks, and Ellsbury.

Luckily for Yankees fans, Frazier has been slowly breaking the migraines with the help of Russell Wilson (Yes, THAT Russell Wilson), who told him to stay hydrated as much as possible. Frazier said this was something they do in the NFL, which he found out from Wilson, and claimed that it has helped him tremendously in his recovery. 

Picture Credit: TheScore.Com

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