Former MLB Star Josh Hamilton Indicted For Child Abuse

Former MLB Star Josh Hamilton Indicted For Child Abuse

Former Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton has been indicted on a felony charge of injury to a child, after his oldest teenage daughter accused him of beating her last fall.

Hamilton was arrested on October 30, 2019 after the allegations from his daughter came to light. He currently remains free on a $30,000 bond, but could face between two and ten years in prison if convicted of the charge.

Andrew Rossow / Grit Daily News

According to a police statement, Hamilton’s daughter said that he “went on a rampage” on September 30, 2019. She told police she made a comment to Hamilton that upset him and he threw a full water bottle overhand at her, which hit her in the chest and was hard enough to knock her to the ground. He then swore and shouted at her.

Following this altercation, Hamilton threw a kitchen chair at her and then lifted her from the ground over his shoulders and carried his daughter to her bedroom. Once there, he threw her on the bed, pushed her face hard into the mattress, and began hitting the backs of her legs repeatedly with a closed fist.

After he finished hitting her, the teen told police that Hamilton said to her: “I hope you go in front of the f—-ing judge and tell him what a horrible dad I am so I don’t have to see you anymore and you don’t have to come inside my house ever again.”

His ex-wife is in the process of filing a restraining order against him on his daughter’s behalf.

Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press

Hamilton is well-known for his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. His former manager, Johnny Narron, said that in order to continue playing with the Rangers, Hamilton had to comply with the provisions of the MLB’s drug policy, which included frequent urine samples up to four days a week. During the Texas Rangers’ playoff runs in 2010 and 2011, they celebrated ALDS and ALCS series victories with ginger ale in the clubhouse instead of champagne, to be mindful of Hamilton’s past struggles.

In February of 2015, after three years sober, Hamilton admitted to relapsing, using both cocaine and alcohol. He has struggled to remain sober since then.

A member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, Hamilton is a five-time MLB All-Star and a three-time Silver Slugger Award recipient. Over the course of his eight-year MLB career, which was cut short due to injury, Hamilton recorded a .290 batting average along with 200 home runs and 701 RBI.

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