Former Finals MVP Doubtful For Game 4

Former Finals MVP Doubtful For Game 4

If you think about it, this guy’s career has been pretty fun to watch. From the double AI days before Iverson left Philadelphia, to when we all started to wonder if he could be the number 1 option for a team. After playing with Denver, making an all star team and winning multiple championships with his current team, Andre Iguodala has shown that whether he’s the 1st, 3rd, or 5th option he’s still going to give you elite level contribution on both sides of the court.

Iguodala is doubtful for game 4 against the Houston Rockets. He banged his knee pretty hard in game 3, and despite Iggy’s optimism in being able to play in game 4, it’s starting to look like that won’t be the case.

Although he’s not the finals MVP player he once was, he is still important to what this Warriors team does and has played a huge part in Golden State’s recent success.

Even though these Warriors are fully loaded and will most likely have no problem turning it up a notch in Iggy’s absence, you’d still rather see him out there if you are a Warriors fan.

He is one of the many guys that Steve Kerr has been throwing at James Harden this series, and you never want to lose one of your key pieces in a game like this one, where Houston is looking to even the series.

If Iguodala does end up missing the game, Kevin Looney, Shaun Livingston, and Nick Young will likely get more run.

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