Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fighting in MMA is a Joke

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fighting in MMA is a Joke

In a recent interview with TMZ.com, Floyd Mayweather hinted at fighting in the UFC octagon. After that, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley claimed he would be the man to train Floyd in MMA. Woodley has stated Mayweather could, “hold his own” in the UFC. Which is a joke.

Floyd Mayweather is 50-0 in professional boxing. The best undefeated record ever. However if he were to step into the cage, he would get destroyed. Understanding that he is a world class boxer, he needs to comprehend that MMA isn’t boxing; the angles, movements, stances and strikes are all different.

When Conor McGregor crossed over to box Floyd Mayweather Jr. all the experts cited the same disadvantages for McGregor that I listed for Floyd in MMA. During Floyd’s entire career his opponents have only had two targets; his body and his head. In MMA there are various targets to hit, like the body, the head, the inside of the thigh, the outside of the thigh, the calf, the knee and the ankle. That’s only while standing.

On the ground Floyd Mayweather has NO chance. He stated his wrestling was at a 7(out of 10) which is ridiculous. Unless he’s been secretly training wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu he’s going to get smashed. His strikes aren’t going to land. He has never fought anyone who moves like an MMA fighter. You could throw almost anybody in there with Floyd and he’ll lose.

The only time a high profile boxer stepped into the octagon was James Toney at UFC 118. He fought Randy Couture, in 15 seconds Randy shot the takedown and dominated Toney, eventually locking him in a arm-triangle, after a few minutes of brutal ground and pound. James Toney was so amateur in MMA he didn’t know how to tap out. He just waived his hand in the air and told the referee he was done.

That was a prequel to what would happen to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an octagon. His boxing won’t mean a thing when he’s on his back. If the Conor McGregor MMA fight were to materialize, Conor knocks Floyd out inside two rounds. The athlete Floyd is, maybe he could fight MMA with a few years of training. Tyron Woodley and Floyd are saying he could be ready in months and once again that’s a joke.

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