Flamengo and Vasco Da Gama players help restart ambulance

Flamengo and Vasco Da Gama players help restart ambulance

The Clássico dos Milhões, otherwise known as the Classic of Millions, is the derby game played between fierce rivals Flamengo and Vasco Da Gama. It may not be the most bloodthirsty fixture in Brazil, that award would have to go to the Fla-Flu derby between Flamengo and Fluminense, but it does pit the two largest teams situated in Rio de Janeiro.

With that being said, a 27-year-old fan named David Rocha Lopes was killed as a result of fan violence back in July 2017. So there is certainly blood in this rivalry.

One fan passed away during a derby day back in July 2017.

The two teams played to a 1-1 draw inside Vasco’s Estádio Sāo Paulo, however, the most noteworthy thing that happened during the match took place after defensive midfielder Bruno Silva was knocked out cold after colliding with a teammate.

His injury was so bad at the time that an ambulance was sent onto the pitch to pick up the player and send him to a local medical facility. But after paramedics loaded him into the back of the van, the engine failed to get going.

Bruno Silva was released from the hospital earlier today.

Just then, eight players from both teams worked together to help the van’s engine ignite and go on its way. The teamwork was met with unanimous adulation from those inside the stadium and the game was restarted just 10 minutes after the initial collision.

The 30-year-old Silva was released from the hospital soon after admission with a clean bill of health. We at Fancred wish him well and commend the players from both teams from this strange but uplifting story.

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