First Round NBA Predictions

First Round NBA Predictions

With the NBA regular season now wrapped up, we have the seeding and the opponents for every team. These are my predictions:

First, in the East we have the #1 seed Toronto Raptors taking on the #8 seed Washington Wizards. Now, i don’t give Washington too much of a chance in this series, as Toronto has been excellent all year long and Washington has been a bit out of sorts. There has also been talks of locker room issues between John Wall and the rest of his team. Washington does play tough though, so i don’t think it will be a cake walk for the Raptors.

Prediction: Toronto in 6

Next we have the ailing #2 seed Boston Celtics taking on the #7 Milwaukee Bucks. This is a tough one for me. The way Boston limped into the playoffs was crazy. As soon as Kyrie got ruled out for the season it seemed like a lot of the grit and fight that you saw all season just drained from the team. Milwaukee is a talented team, and within the next few seasons I honestly believe the Greek Freak will be the best player in the NBA. That being said, I still think the Celtics will take this hard fought, long series.

Prediction: Boston in 7

Philadelphia managed to pry the #3 seed away from Cleveland by rifling off 16 straight wins to close out the season, and will be taking on the Miami Heat. Philly is obviously the hottest team in the NBA right now, and most of that 16 game streak was won without Embiid. As a side note, Markelle Fultz is now the youngest player in NBA history with a triple double. I think they will make quick work of this Miami team.

Prediction: 76ers in 5

Cleveland finished with the #4 seed and will take on the #5 seed Indiana Pacers. This is playoff Lebron we are talking about here. This series won’t even make it to game 5.

Prediction: Cleveland with the clean sweep in 4

In the Western Conference, first we have the #1 seed Houston Rockets vs the #8 seed Minnesota Timberwolves . Houston was the best team in the NBA since the opening tipoff. The Harden/CP3 combo has been electric. Side note: Harden MVP this year.  Houston runs away with this one.

Prediction: Houston in 4

In the #2 spot we have the Curry-less Warriors vs the #7 Kawhi-less Spurs. I know the Warriors haven’t been the same team without Steph, but I still expect them to beat a Spur’s team without Kawhi. There is just too much talent on that team to lose in the first round.

Prediction: Warriors in 6

Next is the #3 Portland Trail Blazers vs #6 New Orleans Pelicans. Hold onto your hats, because this is an upset. I genuinely think Anthony Davis is going to put this Pelicans team on his back and get them out of the first round. He’s about to show us all why everyone is so hyped on him.

Prediction: Pelicans in 7

Last but not least, we have the #4 OKC Thunder taking on the #5 Utah Jazz. This will be a tough series, but ultimately one the Thunder should win. I think Westbrook, George and company will prove too much for the Ricky Rubio, Donovan Mitchell led Jazz.

Prediction: OKC in 5


Should be an exciting first round of basketball. Be sure to check back in to for our reactions!



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