Fielding A Football Team Of WWE Wrestlers | Offense

Fielding A Football Team Of WWE Wrestlers | Offense

With the NFL season over, and the XFL season kicking off, I wanted to take a look at the current WWE roster and field a 22 man football team, starting with the offense. The offensive team will consist of a QB, a RB, a TE, 3 WR’s and 5 offensive linemen. Be sure to check back to for the second part, where we give the 11 defensive players.

Just a forewarning, some choices may surprise you, so be sure to read the reason given for each position.


Seth Rollins

I pick Seth Rollins to be under center. The QB position needs to be a leader, someone that can rally the troops and leads by example on the field. While Rollins maybe a little….different on Twitter, he definitely leads by example in the wrestling ring. Rollins has the speed to be an Aaron Rodgers type running quarterback and has the arm strength the throw the ball down the field. 

Running Back

Apollo Crews

In today’s NFL, you need a running back that has that great mixture of power and quickness. Backs like Saquon Barkley, Ezekial Elliott, and Christian McCaffrey have that perfect balance, and so does Apollo Crews. Apollo stands 6’1”, 240 pounds which is right in line with today’s running back. He has the speed to definitely excel, and his moves in the ring all but guarantee he’ll be taking gathering some ankles on the gridiron.

Wide Receivers

Velveteen Dream

To be a receiver in the NFL you have to have some really good skills. Obviously hands is the most important, but also important is speed, jumping ability, and route running. Velveteen Dream stands 6’2” and just look at his top rope elbow drops and the height he gets. His quickness paired with that incredible leaping ability would already be enough. But add how smart he is, and how relentless he is, and you have the makings of a terrific wideout.

Montez Ford

Who doesn’t love Montez Ford? The guy is a captivating performer and can make everything he does funny. Pair his athletic ability, and you have an Odell Beckham type receiver who could definitely be a problem to opposing defenses. He’s quick and extremely athletic (just watch his NXT work), and him in the slot would be deadly.

John Morrison

The ‘Prince of Parkour’ would make one hell of a wide receiver, don’t @ me. Even though he’s 40 years old, which is pretty much retirement in the NFL for wide receivers, I’m taking age out of the equation. He may not have as much speed as Dream and Ford, but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in quickness (Yes, there’s a difference). All his crazy parkour moves in the ring would translate well onto the field and would have DBs missing all day.

Tight End

Dominik Dijakovic

Feast…your…eyes on the tight end position. The tight end in football is mostly a hybrid of an offensive lineman, and a wide receiver. You want a tight end that is quicker than linemen so he can catch passes, but bigger than wide receivers so he could be used to block opposing defenders. Dijakovic stands at 6’7”, 270 pounds, which is pretty much the same height and weight as Green Bay Packers’ tight end Jimmy Graham. Dominik has the size to block defensive backs and linebackers but also has the speed to go across the middle.

Offensive Line

Baron Corbin

So let’s start with someone who actually played the position. Corbin played Division II football for Northwest Missouri State University and signed with the Indianapolis Colts after he went undrafted in the 2009 NFL Draft. Corbin signed a contract with the Arizona Cardinals, and after being signed to their practice squad he was released in 2011. He may have not had any success in the NFL, but getting the chance to play for an NFL team is an accomplishment enough. He has lost some weight since his NFL days, but being a former lineman is enough to make this team.

Braun Strowman

Braun has to be an offensive lineman. The guy is 6’8” and weighs almost 400 pounds. He’s a brick house with arms and is quick enough to hold off the defense. Almost every week we see Braun go to the outside and run around the ring shoulder blocking people. So he has the quickness and the cardio to block powerful athletes from getting into the backfield. Braun as a left or right tackle would be a huge plus for the offense.

Keith Lee

Keith Lee is 6’2”, which isn’t as tall as some of the other linemen in the league, but his 320-pound frame is enough for me to include him here. One of the reasons I have him here is because of ‘The Pounce’. Could you imagine a defensive back running into the backfield to just be pounced right into the air by Keith Lee? That’s really the only reason I want to see Keith Lee on the offensive line.

Dio Maddin

Real name Brennan Williams, Dio Maddin was signed to the WWE in 2016 and began wrestling on NXT house shows. After wrestling in NXT for a couple of years, Maddin was brought in to the new Raw Commentator during ‘premiere week’. Maddin was attacked by Brock Lesnar one week and hadn’t been seen since as he’s persuing a comeback in NXT. Williams was an offensive tackle for the Houston Texans in 2013, and played on the Jaguars and Patriots practice squads. 

*Note: I saw Dio Maddin perform at an NXT house show one, and let me say I believe the guy has all the makings to be a star in NXT. I’d definitely try to find some video on Dio Maddin if you haven’t seen him wrestle.


Just imagine an offensive line with two guys like WALTER and Braun Strowman on it? WALTER may not be as quick as Braun is, but the 6’5”, 311 pound Austrian is a monster of a man. His chops are some of the most deadly chops in all of wrestling, and even though he won’t be slapping people, those big hands of his are great for holding defensive linemen at bay. Offensive lineman are some of the best biggest men on the planet, and these are some of the biggest men in all of WWE.

So there you have it, 11 offensive players to make (in my opinion) a dominant football team. Let us know what you think about our team, and again be sure to check back to GCSN for the defensive side of the ball!

Featured Image Credit: Mike Rosa | Game Changer Sports Network

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