Fantasy Follies Week 5: Did You Miss Us?

Fantasy Follies Week 5: Did You Miss Us?

It’s been two weeks since we’ve checked in with the GCSN Dynasty League, sorry you missed us sometimes life gets in the way. It’s even harder to believe I was unable to get the article done in time when you consider the fact that I was the Fantasy Big Dog of the week and the only thing I like more than Fantasy Football is talking about myself! Boy have we had a lot of action within our league as well as around the NFL. Covid-19 has reared it’s ugly head in a big way within the NFL, where the Tennessee Titans have had 23 positive cases. We’ve had Steelers-Titans get moved, Steelers Ravens has been moved,Chiefs-Patriots was moved and we even get TUESDAY FOOTBALL with a Bills-Titans games. Due to all the uncertainty our wonderful Commish Jake Jollymore has increased the Roster Limit for our league from 35 to 40 to make sure everyone is covered if several teams have to miss a game the same week.

With that being said we also have our first major trade of the season, and it involves yours truly! I think if you look at this trade only for this season anyone in the world would say I was crazy and that it was a bad trade, but this is Dynasty and it was a trade for the future. I traded Julio Jones for Tee Higgins, and Chris Conley. Conley has minimal value but the Jaguars throw it a lot and he seems to have some chemistry with Minshew, and Tee Higgins is who I wanted in the trade anyway. Joe Burrow is going to be a star and he has developed great chemistry with Higgins, and I’m really high on both of them. Well enough about me, let’s get to the standings and last weeks scores! Ou Fantasy Big Dog of the Week was Bryce Dial, owner of In Godwin We Trust, with a whopping 316.2 points on the week. We have no undefeated teams left at this point so the League is wide open.

Orlando Apollos def. Hoosier Hysteria 293.3-252.7

If you’ve ever heard the saying don’t count your chickens before their hatched, you would be pretty ashamed of me. Just hours after claiming I would stay undefeated and win the whole league, I got stomped   into the ground for my first loss to the Apollos. Owner Ian McCulloch was lead by huge days from  Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr. who combined for over 75 points! Despite strong outings from Kyler Murray and Alvin Kamara yet again, we just couldn’t keep up. Going forward these two teams look to be two of the strongest as both teams are near the top of the standings and the top two scoring teams through four weeks. Next week Ian goes up against another extremely tough opponent in Bryce Dial and In Godwin we trust, while Hoosier Hysteria faces Martin Lee whose Franchise 3 has been devastated by Injury.

Bathurst Big Cats def Franchise 3 190.5-143.3

Two weeks ago the Big Cats scores the most points in the league, now this week they won scoring less than 200! Fantasy is weird sometimes, I don’t have all the answers here people. We had as many under 200 scores in week 4 as we did in weeks 1-3 combined. It’s obvious injuries and Covid have caused some serious damage. That isn’t more obvious than it is here where the Big Cats are missing Christian McCaffrey and had 5 other players out due to injury or Covid canceling a game. Martin Lee is even more banged up, and doesn’t even have enough healthy running backs currently on his roster. He is without Austin Ekler, Nick Chubb, and Jared cook. Hopefully these guys can get healthy or make some adjustments to their rosters and get back on the field in week as Franchise 3 takes on myself and Hoosier Hysteria and the Big Cats go up against the still winless Golden Knights.

In Godwin we Trust def. Golden Knights 316.2-214.4

Let’s get this out of the way now, Jake, our wonderful commish, is a great guy and I think everyone at GCSN feels the same way I do. I say that because I don’t want him to feel like we are kicking the poor guy when he is down, but this has just not been his year to this point. His Golden Knights are the only team yet to get a win and he just suffered his second 100 point loss of the young season. Not only that, he’s outscored another team in the league by over 50 points and that team is currently 3-1! The Knights have had over 100 more points scored against them than the team with the second most in the league, making them basically the Cowboys of GCSN.

He lost to the top scorer this week and was led by 25 points each from Russell Wilson and Mike Evans. Obviously that wasn’t enough to defeat Owner Bryce Dial whose running back Aaron Jones absolutely exploded with over 42 points! The Knights might have a good chance to get into the win column next week, when they face a banged Big Cats squad. Meanwhile, In Godwin We Trust has a huge showdown against the top scoring team in the Orlando Apollos.

Almost Jameis def. Watkins Glen Senecas 186.7-183.2

Watkins Glen was our Big Dog all the way back in week one, and now they are in the under 200 squad for the first time. Still they almost came out on top in by far the  closest match of the week. Almost Jameis rode Lamar Jackson and Amari Cooper to the winner’s circle, and Watkins Glen got some good performances but none good enough to be the leading scorer on a team in this league.  23 points can’t be your highest scoring player if you want to win in this league. Carson Wentz did look fairly good under center and a few other players showed up, but it has to be a disappointment for Owner Matthew Boyce.  Week 5 sees the Senecas try and right the ship against 3-1 Over 9000 TDs, and Almost Jameis will look to stay in the win column against the Midlife Crisis Response Team.  

San Mateo Goats def. MCRT 276.3-204.9

This was another absolute beatdown in week 4 as the Goats, led by Mahomes, Melvin Gordon, Chris Carson and Georgie Kittle, pounded MCRT by 71 points. It’s not as though Matt Peek’s team didn’t play well, and they have been solid all year despite their 1-3 record. They were paced by a pair of wide receivers in Tre’Quan Smith and Terry Mclaurin who both had just over 21 points respectively. Looking to week five the Goats who are currently 2-2 take on the Circus Monkeys, and MCRT is hoping their luck will change when they face off with Almost Jameis.

Circus Monkeys def. Over 9000 TDs 234.9-179.0

Over 9000 TDs were 3-0 before this loss, and they currently are the lowest scoring team in the entire league despite being tied for the Divison 2 lead.  (See, I told you Fantasy is weird)  Usually over the course of a season trends like that don’t last so we will see what Owner Nick Eubanks does going forward. They were led in scoring by Deshaun Watson and Ezekiel Elliot but they had several starters out with injuries like many of the teams this week. It was far from good enough to keep pace with Gavin Marlow and the Circus Monkeys who got huge production from Dak Prescott who scored 45, and Adam Thielen with 26. This marks the first win on the season for the Monkeys who play the Goats in the battle of Animal supremacy in week 5. Who is better the farm or the jungle? And finishing off week 5 Over 9000 will try to get healthy and back to their winning ways against Watkins Glen.

This week is shaping up to have some great storylines and even better matchups.  Who wins the battle of the 3-1 teams? Will the Golden Knights ever win a game? (#tankfortrevor). Who is the better animal, the Goats or the Monkeys? Will Franchise 3 set there lineup at all this week? There is so much going on with week 5 you don’t want to miss it! You also don’t want to miss my interview with our Fantasy Big Dog of the Week, Mr. Bryce Dial. Check out what he had to say about the league!

Q: What do you do besides what you do for GCSN?

I’m a sales rep with Verizon 

Q: Where are you from?

North Carolina

Q: How long have you been playing fantasy?

I’m 22, I was in my first fantasy league in the 7th grade, so about 10 years.

(Believe it or not Fantasy, like real football, is a young mans game)

Q: Have you ever done idp or dynasty before?

First time, but the idea of it always interested me, it’s like a Madden franchise come to life. Except there is no scripted gameplay to let you down.

Q: Do you have an interesting thing or talent about yourself you want people out there to know?

Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile. Dead serious.

(Me too Bryce, me too. I also could run a mile in under 4 minutes, lifted a house off of an old lady with fancy red shoes, and even won the All Valley Karate Tournament 3 times. You’ve got some catching up to do, but it’s a good start.)

Q: Who was your first draft pick and why?

Chris Godwin, who I named my team after. I went with a build for the future mentality, Evans is better, Godwin is 3 years younger. He has been hurt most of this year, but we have to remember this is a dynasty, not a one year league.

(Exactly why I wanted to get younger at several positions, this year is still a toss up, but Covid won’t be a problem forever.) 

Q: Tell me a little about your draft strategy?

YOUTH. YOUTH. YOUTH. I went heavy on getting young players like Drew Lock, Chris Godwin, Joe Mixon, Mark Andrews, Nick Bosa, Darwin James, etc. The veteran players I do have are at replaceable positions like DE or CB, and are signed to short contracts.

(So you’re the reason I couldn’t name my team Catalina Wine Mixon, you threw off my whole year Bryce, thanks a lot.) 

Q: What you think of the league so far?

I love it, it’s in depth and I like the guys I play with. I don’t know how, but even after being ravaged by injuries to key players, I’m 2-1-1.

( You’re lucky you haven’t played me yet haha, and that most of us have dealt with a heavy dose of injuries. It’s going to get worse before it gets better if you ask me so be prepared.)

Q: What do you want to say to the Apollo’s, your opponent in week 5 this week?

“May God have mercy on you, because I will not” *proceeds to lose by 100*

(I feel like I’ve seen this movie before… probably because I did the same thing right before going out and getting whacked by 50+ points. Here’s to hoping it works better for you.)

One more thing before we go, since we missed last week I would like to announce that I, Austin Carr, owner of Hoosier Hysteria was the Fantasy Big Dog of the Week in week 3.  Thank you for the recognition and this beautiful award. Wait, there’s no award? I just have to tell everyone about myself and my team? We really need a bigger budget for this league next year. Jake, we need more money, trophies, and a film crew. GET ON IT.  Anyway I am from Indianapolis, but I grew up hating the Colts. I am an operations supervisor for UPS, and it affords me a lot of opportunities to work on editing and writing for GCSN during the day as I work from 3-11 AM. 

I also have a really in-depth basketball podcast called Breaking the Game where we go behind the numbers breaking down the biggest stories in the NBA. Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about my draft strategy as I took over for another owner who wasn’t going to be available after the draft.  I have made about twice as many roster moves as anyone else though so I’ve done my best to put my own fingerprints  on my team to this point.  I already mentioned my many athletic achievements, so I won’t bore you anymore about myself, and as far as the league goes, I couldn’t be happier. Everyone who plays in the league is great, and I think it’s especially fun that almost none of us have done a dynasty league or a league with IDP’s before so we are all wading into uncharted waters together.  I would love to see more trades going forward as this is a Dynasty League and you have to think about the future as much as this year in a league like this. Overall I love being a part of GCSN and I hope you all like the work we put in and the content we create, and I can’t wait to see what this league looks like 3-4 years down the road. 

As always thanks for wasting a little time reading this and keeping up with our little fantasy league. I’m not sure if you have as much fun reading this as I do writing it, but thanks for supporting what we are trying to do here at GCSN. We can’t wait until we are a household name bringing you great sports coverage daily. Let’s hope the injuries start to slow down and the NFL can get these Covid outbreaks under control before we miss any significant number of games. Lord knows I’ll probably already develop a drinking problem watching Trubisky and/or Foles out there missing everything by a mile every other throw, I don’t need to lose football games due to Covid too. Well, I will see you all back here for week 6 with another update of the GCSN Dynasty League.

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