Fantasy Follies: Week One is in the Books

Fantasy Follies: Week One is in the Books

Week one of the NFL season is in the books and with it the first week of the Game Changer Sports Network Dynasty League. Boy, what a week it was, there were ups and downs, injuries and upsets. And that was just in my living room during the games on Sunday! The product on the field was far from great in many instances, I’m looking at you Detroit-Chicago, but it also led to many exciting perfomances as well. (#letrusscook)

The fantasy field was no different this week as we saw several exciting matchups in week one, as well as your occasional blowout. Below you will find the scores of each week one matchup, a small recap of each game, a look ahead to next weeks matchups, and an interview with week one leading scorer and Fantasy Big Dog of the Week: Matthew Boyce.

Week one featured a matchup that came down to the wire, and more than one blowout.

Hoosier Hysteria def. Golden Knights 266.6-166.1

The most lopsided contest of the week is the first one on the list as Hoosier Hysteria, owned by yours truly, dominated Jake Jollymore and the Golden Knights from start to finish. Despite the rough outing, Jollymore has to be excited about the production of his top pick at Quarterback Russell Wilson who netted him 39.8 points. Alarming was the lack of production from the running back position, where his team produced a paltry 11.9 points, by far the fewest of any team. Jake is confident his team will bounce back in week 2 when he faces Martin Lee and Franchise 3

While The Golden Knights hope week one was just an aberration, Hoosier Hysteria will look to build on their impressive week one performance. Led by Quarterback Kyler Murray’s 28.3 points, Austin Carr’s squad used a very balanced attack to rack up the third most fantasy points for the week. Hoosier Hysteria got 20+ point performances from Julio Jones at WR. Alvin Kamara at RB, Murray at QB and Casey Hayward at corner. Carr will look for more of the same next week when he faces off against Bryce Dial and In Godwin We Trust.

Orlando Apollos def. Franchise 3 292.2-213.7

The Apollos scored the second most points in the league this week, led by dominant performances by Aaron Rodgers (38.8), Jamison Crowder and Lavonte David. Owner Ian Mculloch also has to be excited about breakout performance by rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (for the purposes of this column, Edwards-Helaire will from now on be referred to as The Fresh Prince of Helaire) with 19.8 points in his debut. The 1-0 Apollos move on to face the Bathurst Big Cats in week 2.

Franchise 3 and owner Martin Lee shouldn’t be too let down by this outcome, as they kept pace with one of the top scoring teams in the league, even with the score ending up a little out of hand. Franchise 3 was led by QB Josh Allen with 32.2 points and not much else of note, hence the near 80 point defeat. Going forward, Martin has to get more from his skill positions, and all signs point to a bounce back in week 2 when Franchise 3 will face the Golden Knights.

Bathurst Big Cats tie In Godwin We Trust 232.6-232.6

We have the first tie already in the first week of the Season as the Big Cats owner by Joey Frenette tied In Godwin we trust at 232.6. Let’s just get this out of the way now, ties suck! No one wants a game to ever end in a tie, and I’ve almost never seen it happen in Fantasy before. Personally I think they should have to fight to the death for week one supremacy but that’s just me. The Big Cats were led by First round pick Christian McCaffrey with 28.5 points. They hope to get a better performance next week from QB Jared Goff (10.5) when they face the Orlando Apollos.

In Godwin We Trust was led in scoring by surprise breakout player Darius Slayton with 28.2 points Mark Andrews with 22.8. They will look to get better output from their defense in week 2. The skill positions outside of Slayton left a little to be desired in week one and they hope to have a bounce back week in week 2 when they face yours truly and the Hoosier Hysteria. How’s it feel boys? You didn’t win, you didn’t lose, you were kind of just there.

Watkins Glen Senecas def. Circus Monkeys 295.2-246.4

Any other week and the Circus Monkeys would be celebrating a big week one win, but not against the powerhouse Senecas led by our first ever Fantasy Big Dog of the Week, Mr. Matthew Boyce. The Circus Monkeys, Owned by Gavin Marlow put up a great fight in week one led by incredible production from their WR duo of Davante Adams (41.6), and Adam Thielen (33.0). They hope to continue to get this type of production in week 2 when they take on Almost Jameis.

The massive production from the pass catchers wasn’t enough to overcome the balanced output of the Senecas, who got production from everywhere last week. On offense, they were led by Josh Jacobs and Calvin Ridley who combined to score 66.3 points, and on defense by linebacker Jerome Baker and Safety Adrian Phillips who combined to give the Senecas 56.0 points. The Senecas will move on to face the Midlife Crisis Repsonse Team, where they hope to continue their high level of production.

San Mateo Goats def. Almost Jameis 236.2-227.9

This game was a real barn-burner from start to finish that saw the Goats eek out a 9 point win over Almost Jameis. The Goats, owned by Joe Sousa were led by the offensive duo of Patrick Mahomes and Chris Carson who netted 26.4 and 24.6 respectively. On Defense they were led by all-world safety Jamal Adams with 25. They need to get this type of production and more next week when they face over 9000 TDs

Almost Jameis owner Jason Ainsworth has to be disappointed by the final score this week, but not all is lost as his squad put up a good fight to the very end and will look to build on the efforts of QB Lamar Jackson (35.5) and Safety Budda Baker (25.0). They will move on to week 2 where they will need that kind of performance and more against the Circus Monkeys.

Over 9000 TDs def The Midlife Crisis Response Team 245.3-230.7

Our final week one matchup saw Owner Nick Eubanks get his first win over Matt Peek and the Midlife Crisis Response Team (MCRT) behind big weeks from Ezekiel Elliot (27.7) and LBs Blake Martinez (23) and Myles Jack (22). They will need to get more production from some of the other skill positions if they want to continue their winning ways next week against the San Mateo Goats.

MCRT put up a good fight but it wasn’t quite enough in week one, despite being led by stellar performances on defense from DE Joey Bosa, Safety Kevin Byard, and LB Shaq Thompson who teamed up to score 52 points for his defense. They will need to get better production from their star QB Drew Brees and running back Saquon Barkley when they face the League Leading Senecas in week 2.

Here are the official standings after week one.

Before we wrap things up, I wanted to give you all a chance to meet one of the players from GSCN Dynasty League With a segment called Meet the Owners. Our first installment showcases the Fantasy Big Dog of the Week Matt Boyce. Matt was born and raised in Beautiful Watkins Glen, NY, and has been playing Fantasy Football for about 15 years. He has worked in retail for 16 years with the same company and is basically the boss there as well as in our fantasy league, at least so far. When asked about his drafting strategy Matt had this to say:

“After selecting my first pick (Derrick Henry) I focused on filling up my high points positions, by making sure I locked in two great running backs (Henry, Josh Jacobs). Focus then shifted to receivers, where I wanted to secure a solid three guys who would put up good points all year. Then moved to linebackers, where again I wanted to draft a solid core. Then it just fell down to selecting younger players, who had a lot left in their tanks for the long haul.” Later, he went into more detail about why he chose Henry for his first pick, “ Derrick Henry had a massive 2019 season, and I cannot believe he fell to me. You can’t win unless you have a running back who can put up a ton of points every time he steps on the field.”

Matt, like most of us, has never done a dynasty league with Individual Defensive Players, and is really enjoying learning more about the fantasy value of defensive players since that is something you don’t see a lot of in fantasy. Matt also has a love for motor sports and is a photographer for NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and the SCCA, and with that comes the perks of basically getting to do everything on the track but drive the cars! Matt does awesome work for GSCN and hopefully we get to see more of his awesome photography work in the future! He was the leading scorer in the first week of the season and that’s why he’s our Fantasy Big Dog of the Week!

Well there you have it folks, the week one matchups are in the books. We can look ahead to week 2 and all she excitement that comes with it. Can the Senecas continue to dominate like they did in week one? Will the Golden Knights put up at least a respectable score this time around and climb out of the doldrums? Who will win the battle to the death and claim bragging rights from that awful tie score? It remains to be seen. Make sure you check back next week for more updates and to another inside look at the guys behind Game Changer Sports Network!

Photo Credit: Jesse Sherb

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