Expect a Battle in New Jersey Tonight

Expect a Battle in New Jersey Tonight

Game 4 of the Eastern Conference First Round between Tampa Bay and New Jersey is set to take place at 7:30 PM ET tonight.

The Devils are coming off of a 5-2 win in Game 3 in what appeared to be the beginning of a small rivalry between the Devils and Lightning.

Home ice as appeared to be the Devils saving grace as many were skeptical of whether or not New Jersey would be able to contain Tampa Bay’s high powered offense away, or home.

What made tempers flare in Game 3 was Tampa Bay’s Mikhail Sergachev colliding with New Jersey’s Blake Coleman.

This would have been no problem, however Sergachev stuck out his elbow turning the play from an accidental collision to a dirty play.

New Jersey Veteran Brian Boyle took this as a chance to send a message and got into a fight with Sergachev shortly after.

While both Sergachev and Boyle were being restrained and escorted off the ice to the locker rooms by the refs, anyone watching the game on national television saw Boyle say “I’m going to kill you.” to Sergachev.

With Taylor Hall breaking out with 3 points, Boyle sending a message, and the Devils winning 5-2, Game 4 in New Jersey is lined up to be an incredibly exciting game.

New Jersey can tie the series 2-2 heading back to Tampa Bay and potentially steal the momentum right out of the hands of the Lightning.

It is amazing how much a few series of events can impact the turnout of an NHL playoff series.

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