Everything We Currently Know About The MLB Situation In Miami

Everything We Currently Know About The MLB Situation In Miami

As of today the Miami Marlins are officially shut down and in quarantine until at least Sunday. They are expected to play again on Monday at this current time. This is a very fluid situation and could change very quickly.

As of this writing 15 players have tested positive for Covid-19 as well as four staff members. The team they faced on the opening weekend, The Philadelphia Phillies all tested negative. The Phillies will also not play again until Friday and continue to be tested.

The Washington Nationals held a team vote on wether or not they would travel to Miami for this weekends game. The end vote was a no. That sent the MLB in the wormhole that we are in now.

The MLB stayed that no other on-field personal tested positive over the course of this time. The issue is directly linked to the Marlins. There is currently no reason to believe that the MLB season is in any danger.

As updates become available we will continue to inform you!

Picture Source: Foxnews.com

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