ESPN Proves They Know Nothing About Sports… Again!

ESPN Proves They Know Nothing About Sports… Again!

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, it’s becoming more obvious that ESPN is not the worldwide leader in sports. It’s no surprise they are in reality a failing company that ownership is dying to sell off.

The reasoning behind this current rant is their top 20 most dominating athletes of all time. It’s like they asked a 12 year old who they thought was the most awesome.

There is no excuse to leave Michael Phelps off this list. The Olympic swimmer has a total of 28 career medals. 28 medals makes him the most decorated Olympian of all time. He also has the most gold medals of all time with 23.

Now before you say “Well Jake, he was caught smoking weed, it only makes sense he isn’t on the list”, Barry Bonds is number 17 on the list regardless of his steroids claims.

Tiger Woods is not more dominant than someone like Jimmy Johnson. Woods is number 1 and Johnson is number 4. Floyd Mayweather came in 8th on this clearly horrible list.

Peyton Manning came in 3rd and Tom Brady came in 20th. How can the guy who’s been to seven Super Bowls in 18 years be behind a guy who couldn’t even make it to the super bowl without a stellar defense.

Rafeal Nadal is the tennis star who has an amazing 16 grand slam titles. Somehow on this list Novak Djokovic is in 15th while Nadal was left off.

The only upside to this list is how much variety of sports there are. From Usian Bolt I’m track and Field to Lauren Jackson in the WNBA. They seem to have tried to grab one person out of every sport except hockey (yeah, they left Sydney Crosby and Wayne Gretzky off this list too).

It’s going to be so satisfying when ESPN goes out of business. The sports world will be a much better place without them.

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