Enzo Amore Cleared of all Charges

Enzo Amore Cleared of all Charges

Former Crusierweight Champion, and ‘Realest guy in the room’ (How you doin?) Enzo Amore, has been cleared of all criminal allegations brought against him late last year. According to his General Council, the Phoenix Police Department has closed the case due to lack of sufficient evidence.

Amore, real name Eric Arndt, was accused of rape by a woman named Philomena Sheahan via social media in late 2017. Sheahan claimed that Amore, along with others, had sexually assaulted her after forcing her to consume alcohol and other narcotics. Amore publicly denied these claims ferociously through his General Council. However, on January 23rd, WWE released Amore of his contract, effectively firing the then Crusierweight Champion; only producing a ten word statement on wwe.com. None of those words were “future” or “endeavors”.

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In his time with the WWE, Amore had gone from beloved fan favorite, during his time tag teaming with Big Cass, to one of the most hated stars on the main roster. This while in character, and in the very real backstage environment.

As WWE fumbled the Crusierweight division, the decision was made to make Amore a singles star, make him a heel, and give him the purple strap. WWE hoped to make Amore a heel everyone wanted to see get beat; they instead made one that made people turn off their TVs.

Amore would go on to have documented issues backstage, with some superstars later saying publicly how they were annoyed at Amore’s ego, and felt he could be disrespectful to other talent. The boiling point came after Amore was supposedly thrown off a WWE coach bus by Roman Regins during a European Tour. Amore would later deny the claims.

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Following his release, Enzo Amore went completely silent on social media, only sending cryptic messages here and there. Amore’s Twitter page has only two postings since last October, the first being the statements from his lawyer regarding the initial claims, and one made today that contained a statement from his General Council which stated that Amore’s case had been closed my authorities.

According to Amore’s Lawyer, his client is “working diligently toward his next venture in the entertainment industry and looks forward to reconnecting with his fans in a big way in the very near future.” What exactly they mean by “entertainment industry” is, at this time, unclear.

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With Amore now clear of all criminal wrong doing, will Amore reach back out to WWE for a comeback? Or will another promotion reach out to the “realist free agent” on the market? We will have to wait and see.

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