ECHL Future Considerations Trade Tracker

ECHL Future Considerations Trade Tracker

The ECHL’s 2nd important date in June is the Future Considerations Deadline. The deadline is June 13th at 3:00pm EST.

Future Consideration trades can be either cash or a player to be named at a later date. Trades completed this week involving players only give teams player’s rights for Free Agency/Qualifying offers. It does not gurantee that they will suit up for the team they are traded to.

Here is a list of trades that may still need to be completed based on ECHL Transaction lists since January 1st and I will update them as they are completed. There could be more trades that need completed, while some may have been completed in the form of cash.

Florida to Utah (Ryan Misiak)

Idaho to Florida (Ryan Misiak)

South Carolina to Worcester (Nick Roberto) Greenville to Worcester (Nick Roberto)

Reading to Adirondack (Devin Buffalo)

Rapid City to Allen (Johnny McInnis)

Maine to Reading (Sean Campbell)

Fort Wayne to Allen (Garrett Clarke)

Adirondack to Orlando (Carter Struthers)

Norfolk to Florida (Stathis Soumelidis)

Utah to Adirondack (Will Smith)

Maine to Jacksonville (Blake Kessel)

Maine to Wichita (Taylor Cammarata)

Newfoundland to Worcester (Malcolm Gould)

Indy to Brampton (Reggie Traccito)

Atlanta to Reading (Tyson Fawcett)

Florida to Orlando (Liam Bolton)

Brampton to Atlanta (Dan Leavens)

Jacksonville to Utah (Christian Frey)

Orlando to Worcester (Ivan Kosoronkov)

Reading to Florida (Jack Riley)

Allen to Newfoundland (Malcom Gould)

Completed Trades

Manchester to Idaho (Dexter Dancs) ***Completed 05/28. Idaho obtained the rights to Tony Cameranesi***

Manchester to Rapid City (Pierre Luc-Mercier) ***Completed 06/04. Rapid City obtained the rights to Rob Hamilton***
Wichita to Maine (Luke Stork) *** Completed 06/04. Maine obtained the rights to Corey Kalk***

Maine to Kansas City (Justin Breton) *** Completed 06/04. Kansas City obtained the rights to Zeb Knutson***

Cincinnati to Wichita (Ty Rimmer) *** Completed 06/10. Wichita obtained the rights to Spencer Dorowicz***

Greenville to Cincinnati (Jordan Sims) *** Completed 06/11. Cincinnati obtained the rights to Brenden Harms***

Maine to Wheeling (Josh Couturier) ***Completed 06/12. Wheeling obtained the rights to Wade Murphy***

Fort Wayne to Idaho (Jeff King) *** Completed 06/13. Idaho obtained the rights to Marc-Olivier Roy***

Fort Wayne to Greenville (Sean Flanagan) *** Completed 06/13. Greenville obtained the rights to Mason Baptista***

Fort Wayne to Tulsa (Garrett Laad) *** 06/13. Tulsa obtained the rights to Cam Knight***

Tulsa to Greenville (Alex Globke) *** Completed 06/13. Greenville obtained the rights to Roman Ammirato***

Toledo to Norfolk (Chris Crane) *** Completed 06/13. Norfolk obtained the rights to Charlie O’Connor***

Toledo to Orlando (Justin Kea)*** Completed 06/13. Orlando obtained the rights to Ryan Obuchowski***

Adirondack to Jacksonville (Dylan Walchuk) ***Completed 06/13. Jacksonville obtained the rights to Jakob Reichart***

Florida to Reading (Shane Walsh) *** Completed 06/13. Reading received Cash Considerations***

Reading to Jacksonville (Austin Lotz) ***Completed 06/13. Jacksonville obtained the rights to Matt Pohlkamp***

  • The Full ECHL Schedule is expected to be released later this week.
  • Season Ending Rosters are due June 14th at 3:00pm
  • Free Agency Begins June 16th (All Manchester Monarchs players are unrestricted free agents)

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