EC3 Being Dead on Arrival and How to Solve It

EC3 Being Dead on Arrival and How to Solve It

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When EC3 was signed, I was excited to say the least. Here’s a guy that can do it all. He’s got a great personality, good look, can cut a promo, put on a solid match, and just has a great character in general. He’s everything that Vince McMahon would want in a main event level superstar. Also, for the most part, when a superstar that didn’t do too well in their first run comes back “new and improved”, Vince seems to take notice and gives them a myriad of opportunities (see Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal’s horrid run as WWE Champion). The former jobber that WWE created named Derrick Bateman became a main event star named Ethan Carter III in TNA, and the wrestling world took notice. You have to think that the WWE did too, and that’s why they resigned him.

Considering this, it perplexes me how EC3 has been treated thus far, being on the main roster. In the handful of segments that have been broadcasted on Raw, he wasn’t allowed to talk (his strong suit), and has been shown multiple times just staring into a mirror. He then beat Dean Ambrose one week, lost to him the next, and then hasn’t been seen on Raw since. Just recently, he has resurfaced on Main Event losing to the likes of Apollo Crews and Tyler Breeze. No offense to their talents, but EC3 should not be losing to undercard wrestlers like those two. There is no reason that EC3 isn’t getting the push that Lars Sullivan was supposed to get, or at the very least what Ricochet and Aleister Black are getting currently.

EC3 should be the one that attacked John Cena, leading into a match at WrestleMania. Sullivan is a great monster and everything, but EC3 is a future star. He’s the guy that can go on media appearances and be an ambassador and top guy for the WWE, not Lars. EC3 is a star and has proven that he can be a star with his run in IMPACT Wrestling. If they were still on a major network while he was there, there’s no reason to think that he wouldn’t have been one of the biggest wrestlers in the country, just as AJ Styles was at one point, as his run at the top basically kept TNA afloat during their twilight years.

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To make up for EC3’s current lack of a push, the WWE can do one of three things: let EC3 be the guy to beat Kurt Angle in his last match, let him feud with John Cena, or (the most realistic option) let EC3 win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

Yes, this past Monday Kurt Angle just announced that he will have his last match at WrestleMania this year. What better way to go out then give a win to an “up and comer” like  EC3? In TNA, Angle’s last world title reign ended at the hands of EC3 when he won his first world title. I couldn’t think of a better way to end Angle’s career and begin EC3’s at the same time then with a heartfelt loss to EC3. Some have thrown out the name of John Cena beating Angle, but it would be such a waste to not have a younger talent (preferably a heel) to get this win as it could truly make him a star in the eyes of the audience.

It may be too late now to start a feud with John Cena, but there’s no reason they can’t wait until after ‘Mania season to ignite it. This would be a great way to make EC3 in putting him in such a high profile feud right away. To see these two go at it in a promo back and forth, arguing their “franchise player” status, would truly be a “dream match” scenario. There’s no rush on this feud, but if they want to pull the trigger on EC3’s stardom, a feud with Cena would be the key to unleashing it.

Lastly, there is the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. If he pulls this win off, it would make up for the last month of his booking. A win this big, so early in EC3’s main roster career, will do wonders for him and will start him off hot after ‘Mania season is over. This is important because it’s hard to stay hot when new NXT call-ups are expected to happen in the first few weeks after ‘Mania. Once EC3 is assigned to a brand and has this big of a win under his belt, he should be set up perfectly with enough momentum to stay relevant on the card for awhile. All he needs is the opportunity, but if they continue to book him in such an appalling way, they will lose a star main eventer that could make them millions…

…and guess what? The next company that he goes to, isn’t going to make the same mistake WWE did.

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