Dwyane Wade Gives Hint Where LeBron James Could Be heading

Dwyane Wade Gives Hint Where LeBron James Could Be heading

This last weekend Dwyane wade was on Caron Butler’s Fox radio show and gave a hint to where Lebron James could be heading this summer in free agency.

He said if you want to try and look for hints, don’t look for them from basketball people, or what’s been happening on the court.

Wade said the key to getting insight to James’ mind is to look towards the people close in his life. Family, close friends etc…

A quest for a championship may not be 100% top priority anymore and LeBron may look to a place that makes his family most comfortable, Wade continued on.

With that being said in my personal opinion, that Makes L.A. the favorite at the moment.

The Lakers are not necessarily the desired destination to win right this second but they have options. They can sign two max free agents and are a couple years in building on their young talent.

Los Angeles would be the best place to continue on with his brand after basketball as well. Look at Kobe and his production company right out of retirement.

LeBron James is going to be a billionaire within the next decade and the Lakers will help him accomplish that on and off the court.

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