Dustin Rhodes Needs to Bypass Retirement

Dustin Rhodes Needs to Bypass Retirement

Dustin Rhodes has proven to the wrestling industry that he isn’t finished just yet. After his retirement seemed imminent, he put on a five star classic with Cody at AEW’s Double or Nothing pay per view and right after the match, set up a future tag team match at Fight for the Fallen with Cody against The Young Bucks. Though Rhodes might be at the ripe age of 50, it seems as though he’s hit Chris Jericho levels of “getting better with age”.

With AEW getting their weekly show in October and having multiple pay per view events in the meantime, Dustin should consider holding off on retirement for at least another year. Since, he’s an older performer, he won’t be wrestling every week but he can still have a presence here and there just to set up feuds and eventual matches for big events. This way you can preserve his body. Plus, Dustin can have a chance to really use his underrated artistic ability to have creative feuds with the horde of future superstars that AEW has brought in under their umbrella. This would give Dustin a fitting end to his career as he puts AEW on the right track when he officially calls it quits.

I would also consider giving Dustin a run with the future AEW World Championship. He’s come to AEW with great fanfare and for the first time in over twenty years, he is being treated and looks like, a main event caliber wrestler. He’s even carrying himself in such a way that he should be considered to be one of AEW’s top main participants along with Adam Page, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Cody, and MJF. There’s no reason to not give Dustin one last push to the top to finally reach the one title he has never won: a world championship. Yes, AEW has made it known that they are trying to push the younger stars as their champions, but since this company is in it’s earlier stages, it will only benefit these younger guys by working with some of the best veterans of the business.

We have seen what Jericho has done for these up and coming wrestlers, so why can’t we see Dustin get the same treatment? He’s probably the most humble guy in the business. If he was trusted by Cody to deliver a main event program and carry the world title on a short term basis in a “one last chance” type of story line, wrestling fans and AEW fans should be confident that Rhodes would do his best to knock it out of the park.

Dustin’s days are numbered but make no mistake about it, joining AEW has put him in a position to change the trajectory of his career from criminally underrated to one of the greats of his time.

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