Decision Day for Wilson, Seahawks

Decision Day for Wilson, Seahawks

Russell Wilson, the franchise quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, does not intend on signing an extension for the only team he has ever suited up for in the NFL unless a deal is made before midnight tonight. The deadline is self-imposed.

Good news for Seahawks fans: the two sides are still talking, and a deal could be reached by midnight tonight. However, getting a deal together that works for both sides in such a small window of time is going to be difficult to say the least.

If Wilson and Seahawks do not reach a deal, the Seahawks will most likely franchise tag the star quarterback, locking him into another season in Seattle. Another option would be for the Seahawks to trade Wilson, but with the draft only a few short weeks away, the odds of a team actually wanting to part ways with draft picks to get Wilson is slim to none.

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