Dear Monfort Brothers,

Dear Monfort Brothers,

I moved to Denver, Colorado in 1999 and the fans of this franchise are some of the best in sports. Not only does this city deserve a World Series, but the fans deserve a better product than the one we have seen manufactured this year. There is absolutely no excuse for this poor of play. Furthermore, this has been an ongoing issue since the birth of The Rockies – so I say this now:

To Sir Richard and Charles Monfort: it is time to sell your baseball team. I’m thinking I’ll give you the $43 in my wallet and we can call it a day, yes?

Of the many sports teams and players I have grew up watching and falling in love with, it’s The Colorado Rockies that are most special to me. In a city that’s often referred to as “Broncos Country,” it was the Blake Street Bombers that would capture my heart. Through the start of their franchise, through every peak and valley, I’ve never loved a team like I do the Rockies. One could say we are the ‘Cleveland Browns’ of baseball – just, perhaps worse?

That said, this year has been absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately, until someone puts their foot down and demands better, this will be the same story over and over again. Leadership isn’t something you can just buy. It’s obvious the owners of the Colorado Rockies don’t look at winning as a priority.

We, the fans of the Colorado Rockies, deserve better. We, the city of Denver, deserve better. The employees of the Colorado Rockies deserve better. Nolan Arenado, Kyle Freeland, Trevor Story, German Marquez, Charlie Blackmon, every single player on the team. All of them deserve to win with a franchise that aspires for greatness.

However, I am merely just a fan of a franchise who wants to see us succeed. In 2007, we had a miraculous World Series Run. This was happening at the same time my grandfather was dying from cancer. It was in this playoff run I would learn how important sports can be in the darkest of times. Sports can unite, supply hope, and bring people together in ways unique to anything we’ve ever seen.

The Colorado Rockies have some of the best, most loyal, and *cool* fans in all of sports. So, I ask this question with kindness and respect. On behalf of The Colorado Rockies Fan Base: Can you please give us a team to cheer for? If you can’t, let someone who can take control.

This is all being said without bringing the context of Nolan Arenado into the mix. Briefly, he is the best player to ever wear our uniform – if nothing else, please give him a chance at a ring.

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One thought on “Dear Monfort Brothers,

  1. Oh Bryan. Love you but the Monforts have been fleecing this town since they took over for Jerry Mcmorris. Concessions alone is a multimillion dollar racket for them. Not even to tickets or half the parking they own. Theyll never sell because the sheep keep coming to graze. If we dont show theyll just have teams that are even worse. We paid for the stadium too. I really dont like them!

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