Dark Day in Boston

Dark Day in Boston

Markus Lynn Betts is out of Boston. In a shocking series of events, the Red Sox decided not to resign Mookie Betts for 12 years and 420 million. Here is the trade at its entirety:

  • Dodgers get: Mookie Betts, David Price, cash (all from Boston)
  • Red Sox get: Alex Verdugo (from Dodgers),Brudsar Graterol (from Twins)
  • Twins get: Kenta Maeda (from Dodgers)

The Red Sox did this solely because of money. Months of negotiating could not get Mookie to take a bargain to stay and quite frankly he’s not interested in Boston; rather interested in maxing out his paycheck. This is unfortunate because he was the darling child of Boston. A great player on the field and an even better person off the field, Mookie Betts will be missed in Boston. However there’s reasoning to why Red Sox GM Chaim Bloom pulled off this Blockbuster deal.

The first reason is strictly the Luxury Tax. By moving Betts and Price, this will put the Red Sox under the Salary cap for the first time in years. This was a key motivator in hiring Chaim Bloom from Tampa Bay this off-season. Salary dumping is uncharacteristic of the Red Sox, however they have done it before.( I.E 2013 where they happened to go on and win the World Series) The Red Sox will now be roughly 18 million Dollars under the cap of 208 million. Opening up this space will save them from the costly luxury tax and also leave room for another acquisition or two that will help this year’s team or possibly next year’s team depending on when the Sox want to pull the trigger.

Even though this trade happened last night, I still haven’t had time to digest the Red Sox moving David Price at this time and the manner in which they did. By trading him, the Dodgers will pay 16 million of his contract over the next three years. This however will still leave the Red Sox to pay the other half of the 32 million dollar deal. I get why the Red Sox moved on from him. He was a burden financially and a bad fit for the Boston fan base. However if saving money was the main point on the agenda, then why didn’t they try to get rid of it all, or at least most of it? I believe waiting until the trade deadline with David Price would be much better for Chaim Bloom and the Red Sox because a contender would be willing to pay much more than half the salary while in a playoff push.

Quite frankly the return for the Red Sox was not enough. If it was just Mookie then okay. He has one year on his deal and Mookie will be temporary for the Dodgers. However, adding David Price in the deal changes everything. Despite common distractions with him off the field, he has been the most reliable pitcher for the Red Sox over the last couple seasons. For the Red Sox to deal him and still bite the bullet on his salary for a couple of injured prospects just doesn’t even the scales. The Red Sox got Fleeced and to be honest it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of Red Sox fans everywhere. Todays a dark day in Boston.

Photo Credit: Boston Globe

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