Dan Lambert blaming Illinois Commission For Weight Mishap

Dan Lambert blaming Illinois Commission For Weight Mishap

The biggest news going into UFC 225 was Yoel Romero missing weight. During the first weigh-in he came in officially at 186lbs. The way the Illinois State Athletic Commission works is; that if the fighter weighs in during the two hour window, and is under 3 pounds overweight, he will be given an additional 2 hours to cut the remaining weight, pending the passing of medicals.

Yoel Romero was given the extra time to make weight after passing his medicals. According to Dan Lambert (Owner/Founder of American Top Team) the plan was to have Yoel rest for a half hour, then take a hot bath and follow up with a towel wrap for the last half hour or so. All of this mind you, was under the supervision of doctors who approved the plan.

Dan Lambert told The Anik & Florian Podcast that the commission cut their time short by 50 minutes. Lambert wasn’t given a reason for the time crunch other than, “this is above our pay grade.” That forced Yoel to make his cut shorter than his team had anticipated.

“I don’t know if she had a lunch date or something” is what Dan Lambert said when asked about the reasoning for cutting their time 50 minutes short. Needless to say Yoel was super close to making it, he weighed in the second time at 185.2 pounds. If you ask Dan Lambert, Yoel Romero only needed 7 more minutes to make the 185lb championship limit.

This is crazy. How could a State Athletic Commission go against their own rules? I’ll tell you how! Many commissions use a loophole in their rules that reads similarly to, “we can vary our own rules.” So even though the Illinois Commission told ATT and Lambert that their fighter was granted 2 extra hours, they actually meant, ‘you have as much time as we want you to have up to 2 hours.’ I do believe Dan Lambert, that Yoel was on pace to make weight. It sucks that for some unknown reason Romero wasn’t given the full time he was promised, which as an athlete would suck.

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