Cubs #RespectBald for Pediatric Cancer

Cubs #RespectBald for Pediatric Cancer

Sometimes in the world of sports we forget that at the core, it is only a game. There are things that are bigger than who wins, and who loses. The Chicago Cubs, however, never forget this, and are reminded every spring by their Manager Joe Maddon.
Annually at Spring Training, Chicago Coach Joe Maddon, who has coached the club since 2015, holds a fundraiser event where players shave their heads to support Pediatric Cancer. This season the Cubs have raised more than $80,000.
Rizzo, Jon Lester, Ben Zobrist, and Jason Heyward each donated $10,000 to get 21-year-old Tucker Pevey to shave his long brown hair. Tucker is the son of Cubs coach Marty Pevey, who has been with the organization since 2013.

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Maddon also invited four children to the event who are currently battling cancer, as well as Cole Eicher. Eicher is a 16-year-old Brain Cancer survivor from Clearwater, Florida, who is the founder of “Gold Together”, an organization that has the goal of helping children battle pediatric cancer. Eicher stated that the biggest thing children need is support. “Support, support, support these kids. . . it really did something for me.”

The Chicago Cubs have started using #RespectBald to show their support for Pediatric Cancer, and remind everyone that September is the month for Pediatric Cancer Awareness, with Gold as the color. While this was an event that is supported by the entire team, Maddon did reinforce that anyone who wished to not shave their head were not going to see less playing time. Keeping business separate from personal agendas.

Picture Credit: NewYorkTimes.Com; MLB.Com

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