CM Punk Won’t Wrestle in WWE…So Stop It

CM Punk Won’t Wrestle in WWE…So Stop It

Last Tuesday, CM Punk shocked the wrestling world when he appeared on the FS1 show, WWE Backstage. As soon as people saw it, everybody went crazy. “He’s back with WWE” they screamed. “It’s only a matter of time before he wrestles again,” some said. I’m here as that slap in the face reality check to tell you all…stop it.


CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks, left the WWE in January of 2014. After a Colt Cabana podcast where he detailed his exit, Punk pretty much kept the WWE out of his mouth. But the WWE Universe never forgot. Chants of “CM Punk” filled every arena from Chicago to Seattle.

When Smackdown moved to Fox, it was announced that there would be a show called WWE Backstage that would accompany it. When it was announced, CM Punk’s name was thrown into the hat for potential hosts, but those rumblings didn’t seem to come to fruition, until last night.

Here’s the thing though folks, Punk’s deal is with Fox, not WWE. The only thing Punk has to do with WWE is he’s commenting on their product. I’m sure WWE will have some say in what he does on the show, but CM Punk’s paychecks will be signed by Fox. I know they say never say never, but I truly believe we’ve seen the last of CM Punk in a wrestling ring.


Before the WWE Backstage deal, CM Punk was offered a lot of money to join AEW according to reports. There are no real details on the deal that Tony Kahn offered CM Punk, but one could only imagine it was to wrestle. So pretty much, CM Punk turned down big money to wrestle, for a deal that has him being a “special analyst”. I’m sure that Fox paid Punk a ton of money as well, but I believe him choosing this deal over AEW shows that Punk just doesn’t want to wrestle anymore. 

I don’t think Punk has a passion for wrestling anymore. He wrestled for 15 years and just turned 41 years old. He left the WWE on pretty bad terms, having worked through a MRSA infection, broken ribs, injured knees and multiple concussions. His cup of coffee in the MMA world wasn’t all that great for him. After losing his first two fights, UFC president Dana White said Punk will probably never fight for UFC again.


I’m explaining all of this to echo the same sentiments I said earlier. He’s done. We’ve seen the WWE repair relationships with people we thought we’d never see again like Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man Randy Savage. WWE could do the same with CM Punk and repair that relationship. But as far as getting in the ring? I think we can get rid of that idea.

No matter how bad I want to see CM Punk vs. The Fiend.

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