The Los Angeles Clippers are a Bunch of Frauds

The Los Angeles Clippers are a Bunch of Frauds

The Clippers have been an NBA franchise since the 1984-85 NBA season. Before that, they were the Buffalo Braves and were founded as an expansion team in 1970. That makes 50 years in the League for a franchise that has spent most of their existence in the second biggest media market in sports. That also marks 50 years that they have been arguably the biggest laughingstock in sports, and the 2020 iteration may be the worst offender yet. This Clippers team is a bunch of frauds.

Montrezl Harrell, 6th man of the year: Fraud

“Sweet” Lou Williams: Fraud

Patrick Beverly: Fraud

“Playoff P” Paul George: Fraud

Kawhi Leonard being called the G.O.A.T.: Fraud

Head Coach Doc Rivers: Fraud

You get the idea…

Head Coach Doc Rivers has led yet another team who squandered a playoff series lead, this time a 3-1 advantage over a Denver Nuggets team led by a 23 year old shooting guard and a center who draws regular comparisons to a loaf of bread. All the Clippers did with their vaunted defense was make those guys look like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. This marks the 9th time a Doc Rivers led team has lost a series in which they were a game away from advancing, and the third blown 3-1 lead in his career. He is the only coach to have 3 blown 3-1 leads in his career and holds the record for most lost game 7’s with 8 such defeats.

Doc Rivers name should be added to the TOP of the list of coaches on the hot seat after his 3rd career 3-1 collapse in the playoffs. Photo Credit: Kim Klement USA Today

Can you say overrated?

The entire Clippers team feels a bit overrated after this monumental collapse. All we heard was that this team was comprised of “a bunch of dogs” who had what it took to win tough games in the playoffs. We just watched them get out-hustled, out-shot, and flat-out outplayed by a younger, hungrier Nuggets squad. Believe it or not, the clock is already ticking on this roster even though it’s two stars, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, only joined the team this season. They can both become free agents after next year, which would be a disaster scenario for a team that gave up 5 future first round picks to acquire the two forwards.

“Wayoff P” has plenty of explaining to do following another dud performance in the playoffs. Photo Credit Kim Klement USA Today

George hardly played the part of a superstar worthy of mortgaging a teams entire future, as his playoff shooting woes continued for yet another postseason. Ever since he gave himself the nickname Playoff P, he has hardly been an player deserving of a self-aggrandizing nickname, and should take a lot of the blame for his teams struggles. The Michael Jordan/Kawhi Leonard comparisons need to stop now. At no point in time has Kawhi Leonard ever been the best player in the NBA, let alone ever. (The only guy who can lay claim to either of those plays for the other LA team in case you forgot.)

One has to wonder if Kawhi regrets not joining that other franchise in Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Ben Margot

The coach and the stars can’t take all the blame, as their are several other players who deserve credit for this collapse. Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell and Marcus Morris Sr. all showed that they were either too busy with things outside the bubble to be locked in for these playoffs. Morris Sr. was caught more than once looking to injure Luka Doncic in the first round, and got into a scuffle with Paul Millsap where he could be heard exclaiming “y’all going home tonight.” That was in game 5. Before the Clippers blew a 15 point lead. That was before game 6, when the Clippers blew a 19 point lead. That was before game 7 when the Clippers blew a third straight double digit lead and came out flat and lifeless in what amounted to their game of the year.

Sure Lou Williams is taking a ton of heat for his gaffe right before the season restarted, but it is well deserved. We all know the legend of Lemon Pepper Lou, and don’t need to rehash all the details of that here. Let’s just say he wasn’t the same player in the bubble he was all year for this team and the last thing he needed was to give social media any more ammo with which to fire upon him. The self-proclaimed favorites and all their talk of being the best team in LA did more than enough damage to the already laughable reputation of a team that has and forever will be known as “little brother” and a visitor in their own city.

“Lemon Pepper Lou” struggled mightily in the bubble after causing plenty of distractions for the Clippers. Photo Credit Mark Rebilas/ USA Today

They are a team full of players who haven’t ever won anything outside of Kawhi Leonard. Paul George hasn’t won anything; he’s never even hit a game winner. Lou Williams has bounced around the league for years, never winning anything significant, and others such as Pat Beverly and Harrell haven’t had playoff success in their careers either. Even the idea that Kawhi single-handedly led the Raptors to last year’s title has proven untrue considering the Raptors finished this season with a better record without him.

There is a very good reason you don’t count your chickens before they are hatched in this league, and that’s because if you are wrong, you will never live it down. Twitter pulls the receipts every time and this is no different.

NBA Twitter has been brutal if you are a fan of or player for the Clippers, and rightfully so. They made of fun fellow NBA stars like Damian Lillard, crowned themselves champs when they hadn’t won ANYTHING, and treated the game like they were good enough to just roll the ball out and play. There was talk of being able to flip a switch like the Shaq and Kobe Lakers used to do come playoff time. The obvious differences being the Lakers never played that way until they had won multiple championships, and the fact that no one on this team should be mentioned in the same breath as Shaq and Kobe.

An early exit wasn’t what was expected from this Clippers team, but what do you think is going to happen when you don’t prepare well, have no chemistry, bad offensive sets, and treat your opponents like they couldn’t possibly beat you. They have the wrong man at the helm in Doc Rivers who has shown yet again he can’t get it done when the lights are the brightest in the playoffs. Ousting him should be the first step in the right direction. Adding some interior depth and size would be a good second move, regardless of who is coach. In the end though, these are the Clippers, a team whose never been out of the second round; no matter what they do they are always going to be little brother.

Photo Credit: Clippers Basketball/AP

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