Cleveland Browns, Listen to me!

Cleveland Browns, Listen to me!

deshone-kizer-browns-starter-nfl-preseasonLISTEN HERE BROWNS!

The NFL DRAFT is growing closer and closer and each moment that passes brings another mock draft written by someone that swears they’ve got the answer. With each and every mock I read I can’t help but think one questions isn’t being asked: what about Deshone Kizer?

Kizer is 22 years old. Kizer is big and strong and fast. Kizer sucked most of last year playing for a Browns team that lacked an identity and was missing Joe Thomas, the NFL’s Iron Man, from Oct 22nd on.

The Brown’s General Manager is on record saying he believed Kizer improved over the last third of the 2017 NFL season. My eyes are on record that Kizer is capable of playing in the NFL and could slot in as one of the top 15/ 20 quarterbacks with a few weapons. The second Josh Gordon returned to the Browns I saw a QB with his first legit wideout toy and Kizer found him for 85 yards just teasing what could be.


John Dorsey isn’t an idiot. Based on what we’ve seen from Saquon Barkley in the NFL Combine plus, ya know, in games he has to be the clear Number One pick. He changes every team in the NFL for the better straight away. The Browns are picking him at one.

So what to do about this year’s “stud” quarterback class? How can the Browns pass up on any of these guys? It’s easy… JUST SAY NO!

The Browns can continue to develop Kizer, draft a freak running back, and add another massive cog to what is shaping up to become an insane defense.

Or… The Browns can trade the 4th pick to a QB needy team. The Colts aren’t taking a QB at number 3 (though they should.) The Giants should go with a tool for Eli with the Number 2 pick but they’ll likely grab a kid to learn behind him for a season. The Broncos, the Jets, the Cardinals, the Vikings, the Saints, and the Patriots need a quarterback ASAP.

The Browns have mentioned a willingness to move the first pick of the draft via trade. I think they’re bluffing because it eliminates the certainty they end up with Barkley… again; THEY’RE DRAFTING BARKLEY. The Giants and/ or Colts could trade down considering their perceived lack of urgent need for a QB. (BOTH SHOULD… The Giants don’t need one and the Colts need around 30 new players to be a decent team next year.)


Keep the following things in mind:

1 – The Browns will draft Saquon Barkley because he’s the best player in the draft and he will make the dog pound happy. You’re gonna see a lot of his jerseys next season.

2 – The Browns will use the 4th pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick who solidifies their secondary and propels them into contention. Yep, I said it! They make this move and they can jump to an 8 or 9 win season right away.


3 – The Browns will draft a Quarterback but it won’t be one with the pedigree you’re being told all about. I think the Browns take a ton of tools for their current roster: Running back, Safety, Linebacker, Linebacker, Wideout, Tight-end, and then draft the raw Riley Ferguson from Memphis. Ferguson is going to be the best QB out of the 2018 draft, Dorsey knows talent and has spotted it, and can snag this kid as insurance or trade bait before calling the draft a success.


4 – The 2019 NFL features an insane amount of defensive talent. The Browns are ahead of the curve in this department and should find themselves capable of drafting a superstar QB if all else fails next year… after giving Kizer a chance to improve. Just look at Drew Lock from Missouri. He’s gonna blow every QB in this draft out of the water.

Oklahoma University Sooners v University of Missouri Tigers

5 – Let’s just starting calling it the Jared Goff rule. Any time you draft a quarterback in the first round you have to give him until year two to truly evaluate his talents in the NFL. Goff was a total train wreck just 12 short months ago. He was given a chance, the new coach helped, and he showed why he was special.


Just know this is the draft that sets the Browns up for the next decade. They are going to become one of the very best teams in the NFL with Jon Dorsey at the wheel. He’s a scout turned GM… Barkley then Fitzpatrick is what a talent evaluator would (and will) do.

Dorsey and Jackson should ride Kizer for another year. Give him 16 starts with Joe Thomas, with Josh Gordon, with Shaquon Barkley… with an offense that can fly and see what he does. Again, I think the team soars to 8 or 9 wins with him under center… if they use picks one and four on the two best players in the entire 2018 NFL draft.

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