Clapping Just Wasn’t Enough

Clapping Just Wasn’t Enough

We all saw it coming, it was no secret that the Dallas Cowboys were going to replace their head coach, Jason Garrett, following a dismal 2019 season. Many think he should have been given the boot long ago, they probably aren’t wrong. However, he stuck around long enough for Cowboy fans to have someone to blame for their team’s lack of rings.

But where did Garrett’s misfortunes begin and what took so long for him to get fired?

There was a number of times where Garrett’s coaching ability was tested and scrutinized, but it all started after the Cowboys divisional round loss to the Green Bay Packers. Anyone who watched this game knew that the Packers were in complete control, especially after going up 21-3 in the second quarter. Things did not look good for Dallas, until Dak Prescott connected with Dez Bryant on a 40 yard touchdown. There was some life on the Dallas bench and Garrett fired up his team.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Cowboys had closed the gap on the Packers and it was 28-20. Dallas’ first drive of the 4th quarter resulted in a touchdown and the game tying two point conversion. Following that drive, the two teams exchanged field goals and it was 31-31 with 35 seconds to play. In comes Aaron Rodgers. He completed a 35 yard pass to Jared Cook with 3 seconds to play, which set up the game winning field goal by Mason Crosby.

A team that finished 13-3 on the season and clinched home field advantage through out the playoffs, was eliminated in the divisional round. The worst part: the Cowboys wouldn’t have a better record under Garrett after that.The next three seasons they finished 9-7 (2017), 10-6 (2018), and 8-8 (2019).

It seemed that Jerry Jones was optimistic that Garrett could bring them back to the playoffs and finally get past the divisional round, which the Cowboys haven’t done since 1995.

Garrett had amassed a 77-59 record with the Cowboys, bringing them to the playoffs 3 times in his 9 years as head coach with a playoff record of 2-3.

With the mistakes that Garrett made with the talent he had on those Cowboys teams (Romo, Prescott, Elliot, Cooper, Bryant, Witten, Carr, Lawrence, Jones, Lee), he made it clear that he was the problem almost ever year he was there. Jerry Jones saw it that way as well, and relieved Garrett of his coaching duties on January 5th, 2020.

While the outlook looks promising for him to be the next offensive coordinator for the New York Giants, he has a lot to prove before any organization even considers him for a future head coaching position.


Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

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