Chuck Liddell wants back in the Cage

Chuck Liddell wants back in the Cage

On Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour, UFC legend and former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck “The IceMan” Liddell, formally announced that he intends to come out of retirement.

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Retiring in 2010, after three straight losses via knockout; Liddell ended his MMA stint with a 21-8 record, with 13 coming by way of knockout and a UFC Hall of Fame ring to go with it. Now at the age of 49, “The IceMan” wants another chance in the cage, stating in an interview: “I miss it. I never stopped missing it..”

Currently, the going notion is that Liddell will try and work a deal to book a bout with his old rival Tito Ortiz, who proclaimed that he himself was coming out of retirement, after teasing of possibly going at it with Liddell one more time. This is following a short stint in Bellator MMA.


The two have a very well know hatred for one another. However, Liddell said that, while “…I would love to beat him up again…”, his return match will not solely be based on if a deal can be made with Ortiz.

Dana White has explicitly stated that he has no interest in resigning Chuck Liddell to even a one-off fight; citing his fears for Liddell’s health. The same goes for Bellator MMA’s President Scott Coker.

However, the almost 50 year old Liddell insists that his body is fine and is ready to go.

The seemingly best chance for “The IceMan” and Ortiz to meet one more time, would be in boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya’s new: Golden Boy MMA promotion. De La Hoya has stated that he believes that having Liddell vs Ortiz part III on a card is money.


While there have been extensive talks with Liddell, nothing has been set in stone by any means with Ortiz. While Ortiz has also said publicly thst he “doesn’t need the money”, everyone knows old saying: Everyone’s got a price. 

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