Chris Bey is the Future of Wrestling

Chris Bey is the Future of Wrestling

I’m going to start this article on how I found out about “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey. Living in Las Vegas, NV has some perks when it comes to wrestling. First off, its normally a yearly destination for the WWE, and they’ve treated Vegas pretty well in the past, giving us the Festival of Friendship, Bayley’s first Championship win, and Kevin Owens putting a beating on Vince McMahon.

Another is our local promotion, Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW). Talent like Killer Kross, John Morrison, Matt Hardy, and plenty of other high profile names have appeared at shows. Jon Moxley even made an appearance after his WWE departure. Vegas is also a location for TV tapings for Ring of Honor (ROH) and IMPACT Wrestling. And that’s where this story of mine starts.

Future Stars of Wrestling

In the beginning of 2019, my cousin and I went to an IMPACT Wrestling taping and were introduced to Luchasaurus. We immediately loved everything about him, and the match he had was terrific. Who was he wrestling? Chris Bey. Chris Bey won my cousin and I over with his incredible talent in that squared circle, that we had to find more of this guy. So, we started going to FSW shows here in Vegas.

The very first show, we realized something. Chris Bey is OVER. Everybody in Sams Town Arena loved this guy, and again he proved why. In the ring, he’s as smooth as any wrestler out there today. No, that’s no hyperbole. I will confidently say Chris Bey is the smoothest wrestler in the ring today. He has speed, power, and soars so high in the air, he literally jumps out of frame.

From the moment I saw him, I knew this guy was going to special. Fast forward to October of 2019. Again, my cousin and I went to a wrestling show. This time, it was SmackDown in Las Vegas (the second episode of SmackDown on Fox). Leading up to the show my cousin and I joked about seeing Chris Bey on SmackDown. It didn’t happen. But then WWE taped 205 Live after the episode of SmackDown.

During a promo on the titantron with the lights in the arena dimmed down, I saw a silhouette of a wrestler walking to the ring. I almost immediately recognized him as Chris Bey. Bey wrestled Ariya Daivari that night, and I am not kidding you, he got the best reception any wrestler on 205 Live got that night. “Bey! Bey! Bey!” You heard it from so many fans in attendance that night.

In an interview early in 2020, AEW Executive Vice President Cody was asked about AEW not signing more black wrestlers. Cody admitted that AEW was not living up to their expectation, and named dropped our guy, Chris Bey. Us fans were pumped that Chris Bey was finally getting the recognition he deserved. But then, Bey ended up signing a deal with IMPACT Wrestling.

Now I know this article has been a lot of personal experiences so far, so I won’t go on like that. But if you pay attention, you know that Chris Bey is the new X-Division Champion. Within almost a half of a year, Chris Bey walked into IMPACT Wrestling, in one of if not the most difficult times wrestling has ever seen, and became the X-Division Champion. That alone should show you just how valuable Chris Bey is to IMPACT.

IMPACT Wrestling

Outside of the ring? He’s charismatic, he’s one of the nicest guys on the internet, and he has the look and feel of a top guy in a company. He just turned 24 years old and has all the skills needed to carry the flag for IMPACT Wrestling. He comes up with innovative moves, he can sell with the best of them, and can tell a story throughout an entire match with no stopping.

He’s a student of the game, and you can definitely see influences of some of the greatest to ever grace the ring. But he’s also carving his own path. He’s doing things the way he wants to do it, taking risks and keeping his focus on his task at hand. I truly believe that by the time he reaches 30 years old, Chris Bey will be considered one of the best wrestlers in the country. As I’ve mentioned throughout this whole article, he has the talent, the look, and the drive of a full fledged superstar. Plus, “Bey is Bae”? Come on…that’s something that people want to cheer.

Not to mention, he an extremely talented rapper. He’s not in a, “Oh look, that wrestler can rap,” situation. He could easily have a solid rap career if he focused on just rap. If wrestling doesn’t work out, (which let’s be real, it’s already working out) he could fall back on his rap career and be taken just as serious as he is in wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling

Or, he could literally be IMPACT World Champion and have a song on the Billboard Top 100. Now I know, some may say I sound like a total mark for this guy, and to be honest, I am. The only other wrestler I’ve built up as much as Chris Bey, was Adam Cole in his early ROH days. I know I’m not some famous wrestling writer with a million followers. But I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 4 years old, and I like to think I know talent when I see talent. I have no problem in saying Chris Bey is the future of IMPACT Wrestling, and the entire wrestling world as whole.

Featured Image: Future Stars of Wrestling

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