Chief Wahoo: The End of an Era

Chief Wahoo: The End of an Era

Times are changing in this world, and with that comes the end of an era for Major League Baseball.

Since the logo was introduced in 1932, or 1947 depending on who you ask, the caricature has faced criticism and claims of racism. After more than 75 years Major League Baseball has decided to remove the logo from the game, as well as disallow future Hall of Fame inductees from having the chief on their ball-cap.

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After meetings between Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred and Cleveland Indians team owner Paul Dolan, they have come to an agreement that the team would not use the logo on their uniforms starting in 2019. While an official logo has not yet been released, most speculate they will use a simple block ‘C’ which has been seen throughout 2014-2017 season, as well as during spring training in 2018.

In a news release statement the Hall of Fame has backed up the decision by MLB stating, “it concurs with the commissioner’s sentiment and acknowledges the shifting societal view of Native American logos in baseball.”

This January former Cleveland Indian slugger Jim Thome elected to have his plaques’ ball-cap have a block ‘C’ on it, rather than Chief Wahoo, when it is unveiled in July. “It was the right thing to do,” Thome told LA Times.

While it is the end of an era for the Indians, and baseball, it will be interesting to see what further happens with the Cleveland team who still embraces the name ‘Indians’.

Picture Credit: Kobi5.Com; SportingNews.Com

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