Chicane Added for NASCAR’s Debut on Daytona Road Course

Chicane Added for NASCAR’s Debut on Daytona Road Course

Although at the expense of Watkins Glen, NASCAR will debut all three of their top series at the Daytona International Speedway August 15th-16th. NASCAR has also decided to add a chicane to the layout, placed on the skid pad between the exit of turn four and the tri-oval.


The idea of the chicane is simple: to slow the cars down to reduce the amount of speed the cars will carry into the heavy turn one breaking zone. John Probst, senior VP of racing innovation, stated, “NASCAR and its OEMs ran several simulations to determine the course layout and engine/aerodynamic package for the inaugural NASCAR race on the Daytona International Speedway road course. Due to the predicted high speeds and loads on the braking system, NASCAR will add a chicane off oval Turn 4 at Daytona and move to a high downforce 750 horsepower aerodynamic/engine package for the NASCAR Cup Series race on Aug. 16. We believe this will combine vehicle performance and safety to provide the best possible road course race for our fans.”

Take a look at what the new chicane will look like here:

Featured Image Credit: USA Today

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