Can The Spurs Buy Kawhi’s Happiness?

Can The Spurs Buy Kawhi’s Happiness?

It was reported that San Antonio is looking to meet with Kawhi Leonard and do everything they can to mend their damaged relationship. What better way to do it with than money, and a lot of it.

One thing that the Spurs can offer that others cannot is the super max contract put it in place in the most recent cba to entice superstars to stay with their respective teams.

The Spurs want to get in front of Leonard and show they are ready to look passed this last year and focus on the future. The super max that he will be looking at will be somewhere near $219 million over the course of half a decade.

Will money simply be enough to cause a change of heart in Kawhi Leonard and his group?

There has been speculation that San Antonio’s smaller market has been a frustration of Leonard’s along with the lack of endorsements surrounding the former finals MVP.

Some people may have forgotten how good he really is since he hasn’t played much this entire year but the spurs will be the first to show through their actions that they still value him more than anyone else in the NBA.

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