Can Javy Baez win the NL MVP?

Can Javy Baez win the NL MVP?

Right now, Javy Baez cannot win the MVP if the season were to end today. That honor would probably go to Nolan Arenado. Regardless, Baez is unexpectedly having a phenomenal year both offensively and defensively. Nobody expected such a breakout year from him, and people were starting to wonder if the results would live up to the hype when he was first signed.

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He has put together a slash line of .296/.330/.581 with 25 home runs (7th in the NL) and 88 RBIs (1st in the NL). Though his batting average is not insanely high like league leader Nick Markakis’ at .326, .296 is nothing to scoff at. Let us also not forget his base running skills. He only has 19 stolen bases on the year (including a steal of home plate) but he has some ridiculous swim moves to avoid tags, even in non-steal situations.

Baez has been able to maintain a .982 fielding percentage at his primary position. However, he has been able to make some plays that your average 2b shouldn’t be able to make. He also has the fastest tag in maybe the entire history of the game.

Just because Baez is an exciting player, however, doesn’t mean he should win the MVP this year. Right now, he doesn’t deserve it purely based on stats. If Javy can step it up just a little more though, he certainly will be in the running for the MVP, which would be the Cubs’ second MVP in the last three seasons. Gomez’ Guess says he falls short of the MVP, but will likely be in the top five in voting if he can maintain his current pace.

Who do you think will win the NL MVP this year? Let us know in the comments!

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