Can Golden State Continue to Win Without Curry?

Can Golden State Continue to Win Without Curry?

If you had any rhyme or reason to believe that Steph Curry would be returning for round 1, stop on that track. His knee just isn’t ready, nor does Golden State even need him right now. There’s been a lot of speculation in regards to the Warriors throwing games in the first round against the Spurs to buy Curry some more time. That is simply not true, and doesn’t make any sense as the second round will begin once the first concludes. The first round will be wrapped up at the latest on Sunday, April 29th.


Coach Steve Kerr for the Golden State Warriors commented prior to game 4 that “Steph is not going to play anytime soon”. He then went on to say, “He’s coming along well. He looked good in practice. I talked to him this morning. He’s feeling healthy, getting better. He still has a few limitations that he’s trying to work through, but no pain. I think he’s on track. I can’t put a timetable on it, but I think he’s coming along really well.”

I think they may be overplaying it a little as to how long it may be before Steph returns. If I had to guess depending on how long the Spurs can drag out this round 1 series, I think he will return some time during the Western Conference Semi-finals. A game 3 returns sounds likely to me.

Warrior fans are very fortunate to have been built to sustain circumstances like this, and as long as you have a man named Kevin Durant playing for you, you can tell Curry to take his time as the team attempts to make it back to the NBA finals for the fourth straight year.

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