Call of Duty MLG Tournament Stage 2

Call of Duty MLG Tournament Stage 2

2018 CWL Columbus Ohio Tournament Week 7 Division B teams.

Tomorrow, July 10th, starts off week 7 of the Call of Duty World League tournament in Columbus, Ohio. The 1st place winners prize is a total of $200,000, along with a total $500,000 payout to the teams just for making the final 8 bracket for the “playoffs”.

So far in this 8 week long regular season, division B team Rise Nation has the most winningest record of 6-1, and OpTic Gaming is standing tied at 2nd with Unilad with a 5-2 record. Tuesday will kickoff at 2pm EST with Tainted Minds (0-7) playing Complexity (3-4).

These next final 2 weeks of the regular season will be interesting as all the familiar names we’ve known as usual fan favorites are all playing fairly well; such as OpTic, FaZe, and Team Kaliber. All who have winning records, hoping to continue their success.

The two current top seeds of Division B, OpTic and Rise Nation, have been pretty lopsided as Rise Nation beat OpTic 3-0 in week 4. They play again next Tuesday at 8pm EST and will be a matchup to look forward to.

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