Buy or Sell: Vol. 2

Buy or Sell: Vol. 2

Last week we talked about a few interesting pieces, including the Buffalo Bills playoff chances, QB Jimmy Garoppolo, QB Patrick Mahomes, QB Baker Mayfield and RB Le’veon Bell.

This week on Buy or Sell the focus is on defense. Surprises, disappointments, and breakout players. Here we go.

1. CB Richard Sherman will have at least five interceptions in 2018.



Newly acquired San Francisco 49ers CB Richard Sherman was unhappy in Seattle for the last couple years of his tenure there. Sometimes all a player needs is a new organization. Given that Garoppolo can sling it and put up some points, Sherman may get more than enough opportunities for interceptions this year.

2. The Jacksonville Jaguars will hold offenses to under 285 yards per game.



The Jaguars were great in 2017, holding opposing offenses to 286.1 yards per game. However, they were not in the top 5 defensively in 2016 or 2015. Teams like the Minnesota Vikings and the Denver Broncos were. In a copycat league like the NFL, the Jaguars must continue to be creative on the defensive side of the ball, or else opposing offenses will quickly figure them out.

3. DE Myles Garrett will sack Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger at least once.



Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett said last year that he wanted to sack Roethlisberger more than any other QB. He did end up making a sack against Pittsburgh, but it was in a meaningless game with Landry Jones at QB. This year, Garrett is healthy, and has a full season of experience under his belt. Garrett, arguably the best defensive player for the Browns, will sack Roethlisberger at least once.

4. The Los Angeles Rams will allow the fewest points in the NFL.

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This is a very aggressive buy. But then again, this is a very aggressive team. The 2018 Los Angeles Rams are so loaded on defense, viewers may actually think they are watching a video game. With players like DT Ndamukong Suh, DT Aaron Donald, CB Aqib Talib, CB Marcus Peters, and FS Lamarcus Joyner. This team has the potential to be great. The only question is, can all these superstars play together?

5. Houston Texans DE JJ Watt will win NFL Comeback Player of the Year.



JJ Watt is an amazing person, on and off the field. He’s done selfless things in the hurricane relief efforts. He is the first player in NFL history to record two 20 sack seasons. Here is why we don’t think he will win Comeback Player of the Year.

In the first 5 games of last season, before he was injured, Watt didn’t record a sack. LB Jadeveon Clowney has vastly improved, and may steal some stats from Watt. Injuries have piled on the all-pro DE in the the last three seasons. Everybody is rooting for JJ Watt. He’s a very likeable person and he is a good candidate to win the award. There are just too many variables to consider.

As promised, we spent all five buy or sell segments on defense. Which one were you surprised at the most? Which do you agree with? Disagree? Leave us a comment below.


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