Buy or Sell: Vol. 1

Buy or Sell: Vol. 1

Introducing the first edition of Game Changers: Buy or Sell. There are a lot of interesting divisional battles we’ll be looking at. Let’s discuss some intriguing scenarious for the 2018 season.

1. Buffalo Bills will make the playoffs for the 2nd straight season.



The Buffalo Bills have an interesting QB controversy brewing. Josh Allen, AJ McCarron, and Nathan Peterman will all have the chance to be the starter in Buffalo. The reason they won’t make the playoffs this year is because they’re changing the most vital position in their offense from last year. Even with Lesean McCoy, and arguably the best line backer in the 2018 draft, Tremaine Edmunds, the Bills were simply lucky last year. They made the playoffs because of Andy Dalton completing a pass for a TD on 4th and 12 against the Ravens.

2. Patrick Mahomes will lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the playoffs.



You don’t move up in the 1st round of the draft to grab a QB if he’s not going to be the starter. Mahomes spent the 2017 season learning behind Alex Smith. His only action was late in the season when he led a game winning drive against the stingy Broncos defense. The Chiefs have added WR Sammy Watkins on offense and LB Anthony Hitchens on defense. The front 7 in Kansas City is starting to look scary. Anybody who has seen Patrick Mahomes highlights will tend to agree with me; the kid has a cannon for an arm, and has the mobility to extend plays. After the Los Angeles Chargers lost TE Hunter Henry to an ACL tear, the door seems to be opening further and further for the KC Chiefs.

3. Le’veon Bell will sign a long term deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers.



If it’s one thing the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t do, it’s that they don’t bend to players demands. This was proven true many times in history. The Steelers have either released, or let the following players walk in free agency: Lawrence Timmons, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Mike Mitchell, James Harrison, LeGarrette Blount, etc. What we know is that if you can’t be a team player, the Steelers don’t need you, even if you are the best running back in the league. Bell will play out the 2018 season before he walks in free agency. The question is however, who will pay his asking price?

4. San Francisco 49ers will make the playoffs.



The 49ers led by Jimmy Garoppolo were unstoppable since he became the starting QB. The 49ers won 6 of their last 7 games; beating teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars. Look for this winning trend to continue in 2018. I do expect some hiccups, especially against the Rams vaunted defense. The Seattle Seahawks are no longer the feared defense as they once were. Their key component, Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers.

5. Baker Mayfield will become the starter for the Cleveland Browns this season.



Nothing against Tyrod Taylor; He won’t lose a game for you, but then again, he won’t win one either. In the AFC North, you don’t need a game manager, you need a game changer. Taylor’s play style often welcomes lower extremity injuries. Taylor has had three injuries to either his groin or knee over the course of three years, as well as suffering a concussion last season against the Jaguars in the wildcard game. Baker Mayfield comes to Cleveland with an immense amount of confidence and moxy. He won’t be on the bench for long after the Browns drafted him #1 overall.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to provide our readers with weekly buy or sell articles on the NFL. Stay tuned!

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