Buy or Sell: Dallas Cowboys

Buy or Sell: Dallas Cowboys

It’s no secret that the normalcy of the NFC East runs through Dallas, but are we really convinced that “Dem Boyz” are for real this year?

Sure, they were blowing teams out in the first three games, but when they faced true competition they crumbled like the ruins of ancient Egypt. In the first three games, they outscored opponents 97-44. Granted these teams were the worst in the league (Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins) these wins were still very impressive.

Dak Prescott and the offense are playing well together and he is hooking up with his receivers like magic. Prescott had four touchdowns in the opener against the Giants, all to different receivers. Ezekiel Elliot even added a touchdown of his own in an impressive offensive showing that set the stage for America’s team to run the table.

That is until they played their fiercest competition to date, the New Orleans Saints. Now the Saints are definitely not the same since losing Drew Brees to a thumb injury in Week two against the Rams. However, Teddy Bridgewater has proven to be an eccentric back-up for the Saints putting up 535 passing yards and two touchdowns after two and a half games.

He wasn’t the one to slow down the Cowboys though. Forcing three turnovers against such a high powered offense almost certainly will give your team a win and it did. The Saints recorded two fumbles (Elliot and Witten fumbled) and an interception in the game Sunday night.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, they still have a LONG way to go. Zeke, while as dominant as he is, still shows signs that his trip to Cabo may not have been all that beneficial. I mean, you’d be the same way if you relaxed on the beach and drank bottomless margaritas for two months!

Dak looks just a little tardy on his decision making outside the pocket, throwing some very ill-advised passes and looking too far downfield for his offensive weapons. That offensive line was built to give you a clean pocket for a significant amount of time, use it.

So while Dallas basks in its 3-1 record to start the year and enjoys the lead at the top of the NFC East, it will be short-lived (sorry, not sorry Cowboys fans). Ultimately, the teams lack of maturity and rushed passing attempts (like trying to pass into quadruple coverage) will be their downfall and will lead them to a 9-7 record and a Wild Card spot to finish the year. Sorry Cowboys fans, better luck next year.

Verdict: SELL!!

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Photo credit to Dallas Morning News.

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